Weight gain over 40: You aren’t getting enough exercise.


Juggling between your career, family, hobbies and friends in your 40s, getting in exercise can start getting further down your to-do-list. And then suddenly those numbers on the scale go up and you also notice that your favorite pair of jeans doesn’t fit that well anymore and you notice weight gain in your belly area and other places where we women don’t want it. Being 43 I know how busy life can get: you are at a point in your career where the sky is the limit and you want to climb that corporate ladder with all the experience and wisdom you gained over the years OR you are a stay-at-home mom being busy from morning till evening trying to please everyone but you… Sounds familiar? I hear this in my practice over and over again. Similar, recognizable stories.


We simply cannot find the time to go to the gym or work-out. We start having minor health issues like joint injuries, lower back pain, little aches and pains that were never there when we were in our 30’s. And on top of that those horrible HORMONES kick in! You see and feel your body changing. What worked before in your younger years doesn’t seem to do the trick anymore. Combined they lead to the fact that you get in less activity, resulting in those unwanted pounds, muffin top and dreadful fat rolls hanging over your pants. 


How can you fix this? Well, there are 3 pillars to good health and healthy weight levels and one of them is getting more natural activity in your life. And NO you will not need to go to the gym for that. Only getting in more steps in your day will make a HUGE difference but ONLY if you are consistent. In my practice my private clients learn to go up to 15.000 steps a day. They freak out when they hear those numbers at first but gradually, through my smart life plan “Natural Weight Freedom” they get them in with ease and are surprised by how easy and simple it is. They just follow my lead and my tips on how to do this without compromising your busy schedule and without compromising your life and career goals. (I know you all work hard!!)

Getting in those steps not only helps to burn off some calories resulting in gradual, steady but lasting weight loss BUT it also boosts your metabolism that slows down after 40. 


Here are some smart tips to start with.

I know they sound stupid or sometimes obvious and so many women don’t believe they will work but if you consistently do this every day of the week you WILL see results! Here they are:

  • Move all your desk tools away from your desk: stapler, hole puncher, highlighting pens, printer, water pitcher, napkins, lipgloss,… whatever your can think off. Put them as far away as you can. Every time you need them you will get in extra steps.
  • At home: every time you would normally ask your kids or spouse to go get something for you: do it yourself. If have tested this so many times and this can add up to 2000 steps a day even in my tiny house.
  • Use a toilet on another floor
  • Always leave your desk at lunch time or take a stroll when working from home. Just a 15 minute walk (more is even better) consistently every day will pay off.
  • Rewarding yourself at night with a cup of tea and a movie? Go for a refill in the kitchen and move the remote control as far away as you can. Sounds stupid but works! (just take a note of the number of extra steps you get in doing that… you’ll believe me then)
  • Don’t store your garbage can next to your kitchen door. Move it so you have to take extra steps to get to it.
  • ALWAYS park as far away from your office, the supermarket, shops, kindergarden, school,… as you can.
  • When waiting for your kids to finish school or their hobbies: always walk around and never stand waiting. Inspire the other moms to do the same. When having a chat with your spouse about your day: go for a walk. This is even recommended by relationship therapists. Researcher Christine Webb, Ph.D. in psychology at Emory University, recommends walking for conflict resolution: in 2017 she wrote a thought-provoking article about walking and conflict resolution for American Psychologist. According to her when you’re taking a walk with someone, you just feel like your forward momentum is not purely physical, but also psychological. You begin to feel more connected to the other person.

The results?

I see the lasting results over and over in my practice when clients follow my advice with an open mind. Combined with some smart, hormone balancing meal plans that won’t take them hours of meal-prep (I don’t have time for that myself) and some muscle toning exercises they can do behind their desk, when cooking, waiting in line, in their car waiting in traffic yam, talking on the phone and in the restroom (yep… you heard me right) they get their bodies back. They turn into the gorgeous women they deserve to be even over 40.

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