Walk with me! Walking for weight loss


DAY 1: Walk with me for weightloss!

During these challenging times of the Corona-virus threat I would like to invite you to go on a daily walk with me to stay healthy and positive. If you are still allowed to go outside then do so! If not you can walk with me on a threadmill of in place in front of your TV watching your favourite show. If you have a stationary bike that is fine also. As long as I can get you moving.

As long as necessary I will keep encouraging you to walk with me cause walking has sooo many benefits. Everyday I will motivate you by sharing one of these benefits to inspire you to walk with me. Follow me on facebook @takeyoutimeblog and instagram @takeyoutimeblog (or click the icons above) and let me help you to stay healthy, fit and positive during times of Corona.

Today I want to share with you the weight loss benefits of walking. So many people think that you have to go jogging or follow a strenuous fitness regime to loose weight. I want to tell you that walking can also help you with that!

Walking for 1 hour a day burns around 300 to 400 calories. The amount of calories burned depends on:

  • your weight: the more weight your body has to carry around the more energy your body burns when walking
  • the challenge factor of your walking route: uphill burns more calories
  • walking speed: the faster you walk, the more calories you burn

I you know that 1 kilo of bodyfat equals about 7000 calories then an easy calculating exercise will show you that walking for 1 hour a day at an average burn of 300 calories will help you lose 1 kilo in around 23 days. If you combine this with a healthy diet and if you cut out 300 cals a day by skipping that chocolate bar, soda or cookie, then you can double the effect and loose at least 2 kilo in under 1 month.

Isn’t that great? No fancy equipment needed… only you (= also fancy) and good quality walking shoes. If you are not up to walking 1 hour in a row then split up the hour in 3 times 20 minutes (breakfast-lunch-evening dinner) or 2 half hour walking shifts. This is so doable!

So come with me and take today’s walk. I will see you here again tomorrow for day 2!

Big hug,

Lies Helsloot

P.S. please respect your local or federal laws around social distancing or restrictions around going outside or any other imposed rules. Those rules can save lives! So respect them! Keep your distance!


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