Vitamin C and hair growth


Vitamin C and hair growth

Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is a white, crystal-like, water-soluble substance present in for example citrus fruits an. It is a very powerful vitamin to be healthy and fit. It is a powerful antioxidant that can protect your body from oxidative stress and free radicals that rapidly ages the body and also can be one of the culprits when you are suffering from hairloss. Free radicals are very reactive molecules that damage cells and their cell structures causing rapid ageing. Your body defends itself from this impact by producing antioxidative enzymes but as we age our bodies don’t produce as much of them as in our younger years. That’s why it is so important to help your body protect itself from them by adding more antioxidants to our nutrition plan. Vitamin C is a very important player here.

Vitamin C also plays a role in the absorption of iron, cause it prevents its oxidation so it can be absorbed by your body in an optimal form. This vitamin also is vital in the production of collagen (a protein), crucial to build arterial walls, bones, teeth, skin and hair. It is an important immune system booster and supporter since it stimulates the production of white blood cells, keeps glutathion levels high which are important for detoxification and neutralising harmful free radicals. Reading this it is clear that vitamin C is essential for a healthy body.

Vitamin C-levels in your body have to be kept high so your body can ward of any intruders and so it can support all growth processess like skin and hair.

Vitamin C and stress

Research shows that the highest levels of vitamin C can be found in the adrenal glands which need vitamin C for the production of all of the adrenal hormones, like cortisol. When you are faced with a stressful situation body produces more cortisol (the stress hormone) so you need more vitamin C to support that. Since cortisol induces hair loss you can now see why it is important to support your body with an intake of sufficient amounts of vitamin C.

Eat for C…

Make sure you get the most vitamin C from your food intake. Eating fresh and preferably raw food like vegetables and fruit will supply your body with a lot of essentials including vitamin C while also adding the benefit of feeling full because these foods add a lot of healthy fiber to your diet. The following foods are very rich in vitamin C: oranges, lemons, peppers, broccoli, grapefruit, kale, papaya, strawberries,… Food should also be your first step towards optimal health but when you lead a busy life not having the time to make healthy food or when you are under a lot of stress taking a supplement with vitamin C can give an extra boost. Always make sure that you buy quality brands like Life Extension .

How much vitamin C?

Keep in mind that vitamin C is water-soluble and is quickly used and eliminated from your body by your urine. So make sure to support optimal levels by spreading the intake in small doses (500-1000mg) all over your day in stead of taking it at once. Every person is different so the optimal level of vitamin C for you is best to be specified by a specialist medical doctor after a thorough medical check-up and blood analysis. Also opinions about this vary from doctor to doctor. Start with a healthy diet with the recommended portions of fruit and vegetables to lay the foundation and supplement with what is recommended to you.


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