Unruly hair


Unruly hair and what to do about it.

Unruly hair… what an expression! But it is true that on some days the way your hair behaves can really drive you crazy! You “suffer” from frizzy hair, your hair goes in all directions except for the one you want it to and you are tempted to wear a big fat hat over your head before heading out the door. But no panic, even the most unruly hair can look way better with the following tips.

Avoid heat

Avoid the use of heat styling as much as possible. The hot air from your dryer can really “puff-up” your hair. This is especially the case when the weather is humid when there is a lot of rain or, like in Belgium, heavy fog blocks are beloved sunlight… and makes my mascara smudge…grrrr.

After washing wrap a cotton towel around your hair to absorb most of the water and then dry your hair either naturally or with the cool air button. Less heat styling will also prevent split ends.

Choose the right products

Unruly, frizzy hair needs good care. High quality products are a must-have because they nourish your hair without making it greasy or heavy. It is very important to go for a good brand and choose the range that is most suitable for you hair type and your needs at that moment (this can change over the seasons). More expensive products like Moroccanoil and René Furterer, which I really love, are also more economic since a little goes a long way and the effect is great.

Electricity in your hair.

During the cold months your hair suffers heavily by spending a lot of time in dry often over-heated spaces. Big office buildings, especially in big cities, also tend to build up a large amount of static electricity by the use of unnatural building, synthetic decoration materials like upholstering and tapestry and the presence of electrical devices. Also the clothes you pick in the morning can worsen the situation.

Some tips:

  • make sure the spaces you work in have a healthy humidity level
  • choose natural fabrics for your clothes (cotton, silk, linnen, wool,…)
  • decorate your office with natural materials like wood
  • take care of your hair routine with the above tips
  • adjust your hair style to the weather conditions. Wind and rain? Then put your hair up in a nice bun.

A new style.

Some hair styles are more vulnerable to frizz but getting the right cut might resolve issue. Talk to your hairdresser to get a low maintenance cut and style that will not drive you crazy. Often a style looks nice in a magazine but then for you it turns out to be very difficult to style every day… I for example once got bangs and since I bike a lot, this looked like an eighties “comb” on my head when I arrived at my destination… Not for me;))

Check your diet.

Unruly hair can also have an underlying healthy cause. Dry and brittle hair is more prone to fly-aways and it could be due to the fact that your nutrition plan lacks certain essential nutrients. It could also be that your hormone levels are out of balance. More about this in my book “The complete guide to healthy hair. A 3-step program to heal your hair.” (Dutch: Het complete boek over haar.) Or in one of my other blog posts.


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