Travelling essentials for a healthy summer

Travelling essentials for a healthy summer

These are my travelling essentials for a healthy summer.

My clients are getting ready to for their summer holidays planning some TAKE YOU TIME for themselves to recharge their batteries. During their last private coaching session before they hop on an airplane or in their cars for a long ride we go over their holiday plan to prevent weight loss and to stay healthy when travelling. My method for self-care, weightloss and good health also works its magic on vacation. With my essential tips my clients return rejuvenated and keep their healthy weight even when enjoying a good glass of wine and good food. To stay in shape, look good and smell good on vacation I also give them these tips which I love to share here with you.

Tip 1: hydrate!

When travelling make sure you drink plenty of water. Either opt for mineral water or my choice: bring your own bottles with purified water using the ZeroWater purifying system. You can get a discount on their range of water purifying products on the website zerowater.eu or zerowater.nl using code TAKEYOUTIME. Drinking plenty of water will hydrate your body and also your skin as especially travelling by airplane is extremely dehydrating. When travelling by car drinking a lot of fresh, clean water prevents you from being tired and to stay focussed so you arrive to your destination in a safe way.

Tip 2: avoid food on the go.

Avoid the food served on airplanes, in gas stations, at airports,… as it usually is full of the stuff you don’t need. I prefer travelling with my own food and then I go for fruit, nuts and seeds. Especially bananas are my go-to for a healthy, consistent snack or light lunch and eating them also prevents bloating so I can go for my bikini or crop top when arriving. Bananas also contain potassium (kalium) which helps to fight fluid retention. And they are also very tasty. 😋

Tip 3: use the power of graduated compression

To fight fluid retention and cellulite I wear Solidea Silver Wave Leggings. When on the go I opt for the longest version of the corsaro so they massage out all excess fluids from lower leg upwards. Wearing them makes all the difference as in the past when going for longer flights or car rides my legs were so puffed-up they looked at least a size bigger then they were and also worsened my varicose veins. So, I do not travel without them. On top of that I also wear socks that add to the compression effect. I like natural fibres so the Solidea Merino Bamboo Rumba socks are my top choice as they are not only super soft but also comfortable, stylish and they have graduated compression so they avoid painfully swollen feet and ankles. If you would like to try them you can benefit from a discount using code TAKEYOUTIME when creating an account. (20% on first order,10% on the next)

Tip 4: avoid sweaty odours

To avoid smelly armpits and feet I swear by OY, a deodorant which is not the usual deodorant. It’s a soap you wash off but does its work: no smells all day long. It also is great for clients of mine who suffer and feel bad about hormonal linked sweaty odours. I also use the product to shave my armpits and it really helps to avoid razor bumps too.

The foot scrub is perfect for fresh feet, important when at customs they ask you to take of your shoes. No more embarrassing moments. The scrub also makes your feet super soft to the touch so they look great in sandals and flip-flops. Check out their range, created by an acquaintance of mine, Inge Louf, a passionate pharmacist on a mission. Use the code oyfris22 on their website oycare.be to get a nice discount. (if the code is expired: check elsewhere on the website or send me an email)

These are only some of my travelling essential I share with my private clients but they make all the difference. I only write about products I really use myself.

My name is Lies Helsloot and I call myself the first TAKE YOU TIME™ Expert. I am the author of 3 health books (“Walk Yourself Slim & Happy. How taking More Steps can Change Your Life”, “Move yourself slim and happy”(English translation coming soon) and “The Complete Guide to healthy Hair“), I blog here at takeyoutime.com and coach individual clients, groups and companies around the world to a happy, healthy life and more work-life balance with my 7-step concept of TAKE YOU TIME™. For more motivation and free training and challenges, be sure to sign up for the newsletter on this site and follow me on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Or get in touch to know about my online- and coaching programs. Some of the content on my website is sponsored content.

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