3 tips for a healthy autumn start


Autumn has arrived and suddenly the weather is changing. Goodbye summer but hello beautiful autumn colours. Our bodies feel that season is changing and need some extra care in order to stay healthy. Time to get a plan installed to stay healthy during the season. In this article, I would love to share 3 tips on how to stay in shape and keep safe from viruses and illness even when the weather is challenging us.

Tip nr. 1: Go for a walk.

You know me: I am crazy about the many benefits of walking: to reach and maintain your natural weight and to improve overall physical and mental wellbeing. I also mentioned in my first book on healthy hair because it can even help healthy hair growth.

Some of the benefits that you will certainly like and need during autumn are:

  • Growing supple and strong muscles especially in your legs. Going for a daily walk every day helps you on your way to strong, lean and firm legs. Great to show off in those new panty-hoses with that new dress and high heels.
  • Improvement of bone mass and protection against osteoporosis. We, women, need to be active to maintain a healthy bone mass to help us age gracefully, beautifully and keep us in tip-top strong shape.
  • A boost for your immune system: when the season of colds and flu has arrived, we need to guard ourselves against all viruses going around. Especially now during this pandemic, this is even more important. Walking helps so even when it is raining or windy: go outside to get fresh air, fill your lungs with oxygen and power-up your immune system.

Tip nr. 2: Take some YOU time

More wind, rainy days, colder temperatures put some extra stress on our bodies. And summer has left its marks as well enjoying maybe too much sun, swimming, dry weather leaving us with uneven skin tone, dry skin and hair and maybe a sudden surge in pimples and unclear skin. Time to do something about that.

  • Fix frizzy summer hair by making an appointment with your hairdresser to cut away a good chunk of the ends. Then take care of your hair with a homemade hair mask (see my article on that here on the blog or check some recipes in my book “The complete guide to healthy hair.”). To get rid of dry, frizzy hair rub a drop of natural oil like jojoba or almond oil between your palms and spread evenly on the hair lengths. Did you know that I have a Facebook community on healthy hair? If not: join us “The Healthy Hair Community”.
  • Take care of your body before we start covering up in heavy sweaters and warm pants. Take an (infrared) sauna, hot bath or schedule a massage to rid your body of dead skin cells, toxins and sore muscles. And combine this with drinking healthy detoxing herbal teas.
  • Make it a habit to love yourself and take care of yourself: it will actually even make you look better! You will glow!
  • Your face needs some pampering: uneven skin tone and pimples need to be addressed now. I love to use a gentle scrub, a face mask and a treatment to get rid of dead skin cells and sunspots. I am absolutely in love with Caudalie’s range and love their range “Vinoperfect”, scrubs and masks giving me clear, glowing skin. When you see some spots that look strange in shape or have grown quite fast: now is the time to book your appointment with a dermatologist to have it checked.
  • Even when summer is gone: do not forget the SPF every day and moisturize your skin. And maybe when you are facing very windy weather on your daily recommended walks (sorry, you know I am crazy about walking) it is time to switch to a richer formula.

Tip nr. 3: Healthy comfort food

I know it is tempting: during summer it is easy and it feels natural to eat lots of salads and healthy stuff but when the season is changing we long for rich comfort food to enjoy inside by the fireplace. And that is ok! You all know I love good food and that I hate counting calories and depriving myself. But although I love comfort food, I am always looking for a healthy twist. Make that potato mash but skip a pound of butter and cream. You can make delicious mashes using cooking water and other veggies to make a smooth puree. Make those delicious pies but then don’t start eating them every day. Don’t get me wrong: I love cream and fresh butter and I regularly eat them. I never buy light stuff… Everything in moderation. When enjoying a glass of healthy red wine don’t drink the whole bottle. A glass of red wine has around 100 calories. If you have 6 of them (= the whole bottle) you need to walk for about 2 hours to walk those off! And also you tend to start “munching” crisps when you drink too much adding even more unnecessary calories.

Ok, I mention calories here to make you calorie conscious as I also recommend in my health coaching program “Walking for natural weight freedom”. I do not base my program on counting calories but I do want you to be “conscious” about it. If you want to know more about that you are always welcome to join my free Facebook community “Walking for Natural Weight Freedom”.


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