Tips for getting back into a healthy routine

Tips for getting back into a healthy routine

Tips for getting back into a healthy routine

Life can throw us curveballs, testing our resolve and challenging our routines making us feel like a failure trying to live that healthy lifestyle. If you feel exhausted and maybe ashamed that you are out of shape (again) then please read on. Fear not, cause today, I want to share with you some powerful insights and practical steps to help you reclaim your healthy lifestyle after facing overwhelming obstacles. So how do you get back to your daily routine of a healthy lifestyle. Let’s dive in!

About facing challenges and starting with your healthy routine

We all have our fair share of battles, and I’ve recently had quite the journey myself. Balancing my second marriage, my business, a new family with two new adorable kids, and my own daughter Gina with different schedules to organize proved to be an uphill climb. It’s okay to admit that it wasn’t always easy, but remember, challenges are what make us stronger. But they can ruin your perfect plan to live a healthy lifestyle. My daily walks, my exercise routine, healthy eating, breaks for meditation and prayer, dates with my husband, drinks with friends, … It seemed impossible to get it all in and did not always get my daily 15k steps I teach in my method. Quick dinners weren’t always Instagram worthy. I had to find a new balance to incorporate it all into my new life. I was exhausted because I wanted to have it all and be miss perfect. I was exhausting myself thinking those thoughts… I had to let it go. I decided to not see it as a struggle or a failure (which I did do at first). Instead, I decided to see it as an opportunity to learn and grow and get new insights. My life is built around my family but with selfcare as the foundation to be the best mom and spouse I can be. My entire method TAKE YOU TIME has been created from my own experiences and those of my clients. So, this personal challenge could teach me new stuff. After a few months without any routine, with days of too little steps, too little breaks, too little or no muscle strengthening and stretching I had to start to get it all in but step by step not to overwhelm myself. After all I also run 2 companies and a family. I treated myself as a new client as I know that when I don’t I am too harsh on myself. I see that readers, followers and clients face the same things in life so I think you will also recognize some things here from your own life. It makes me sad that often they beat themselves up because they gained weight (again), are out of shape, lack energy, forget to eat healthy and drink water,… I write this text for all of you. This was my approach to start over after a challenging time. These are my tips for getting back into your daily routine of a healthy lifestyle.

To restart your journey toward a healthy lifestyle, simplicity is key.

When talking tips to getting back into a healthy routine: Begin with small steps that are easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Some examples:

  • For instance, set aside 10 minutes for a refreshing walk each day. Trust me, even a short stroll can do wonders for your physical and mental well-being. Then gradually work towards your daily 1 hour of active movement as described in my method and books. I personally immediately started my daily1 hour movement habit as I did not completely turn inactive. For me it was a matter of finding a new way of scheduling it into my life with business and the new family schedule. I had to find a way to take myself first again.
  • Roll out your yoga mat and indulge in a gentle stretch session—it’s a delightful way to awaken your body and mind. For the last couple of months moving house and getting our new home redecorated was a healthy way of muscle toning so I did not get in a lot of my usual exercise. As I suffer from a lower back herniated disc stretching was key so I decided to start there first combined with training abdominals and back muscles. I also booked a couple sessions with chiropractor Jan Cnudde who worked magic on my body. What a relief! By the end of the week I reinstalled my daily habit and was back to my 12 to 15 minute workout routine again. Just by getting on the floor even for a minute you will reconnect with the habit to exercise and tone your body. I usually start to feel silly if I just stretch, so that is my cue to work through the other exercises.
  • Start standing during your first video meeting instead of sitting down to get those energy levels up and running.If you don’t feel ready for the above then this can be a powerful way to get back in the saddle while you work.
  • Get in some movement by taking your next phone call walking.
  • Give yourself a healthy treat to reward yourself: instead of rewarding yourself with food, why don’t you buy yourself a smart watch or even better an Oura Ring to keep track of progress? I recently started advising my clients to invest in a smart ring especially if they don’t like the distraction of a smart watch. Especially for my clients with burnout and exhaustion this seemed to be the better choice.

oura ring activity tracker

  • Put your walking shoes in a place where you see them and make sure all accessories like raincoat, socks,… are also ready to go.
  • Buy yourself a new pair of walking shoes to motivate yourself. Get a pair that works for you in a specialty store. In Belgium I prefer working with Runners’lab: no overwhelm as their expert analysis picks the shoe that is right for you. And by the way: why don’t you wear them all day long? Wearing comfortable, sporty shoes will help you to move whenever and wherever you want. Nowadays wearing walking shoes isn’t a no go anymore in the workplace.

runners lab walking shoe

  • Lost your habit to hydrate? Set an alarm or ask your personal assistant or a colleague to remind you every hour to drink a large glass of water or herbal tea. Or ask the human resources department to launch a funny campaign in your company helping not only yourself but also others. A healthy workforce is the foundation of a thriving company.
  • Healthy eating? It can be as simple as just ordering salads instead of sandwiches focusing on fresh, living food. If you do a lot of lunch meetings, then choose wisely and go for health food restaurants. You’d be surprised how many dinner guests appreciate your healthy choice.

Conclusion: I get you… and your challenges.

I understand how it feels to be stuck and lacking motivation. But here’s the beautiful truth: you have the power to rewrite your story. Remember, every day is a chance to start anew. Yesterday is yesterday, it’s as simple as that. Just move on to the next day. The path to a healthy lifestyle isn’t about perfection; it’s about progress. Embrace the journey, knowing that small steps will accumulate into significant transformations over time. Most important is to not be too harsh on yourself. There’s no competition so why would you compete with yourself making you feel miserable and unhappy? If you don’t feel ok getting it all in again at once then start with just one thing. Last year I read the book “The one thing” by Gary Keller which is mainly a book for advancing in business choosing 1 main focus. This was a major insight for me that got results in a very short time for projects lying on my desk that didn’t get finished. The same goes for your health: what is your one thing you will start with and commit to every single day? Write it down and hang it everywhere you can see it. And I know… you have 1000 excuses to not do it as there will always be meetings, calls, mails, to attend to… but now add yourself to your todo-list.

The funny thing is that most of my clients, all high achieving ladies and gentlemen of business often in C-level positions, know all about it when it comes down to setting and achieving goals in business, but they do forget that they can also apply them to their own life.

Life and business can be tough but…

 Life and business can be tough, and it’s easy to lose sight of our own well-being amidst chaos especially for those that raise the bar high for themselves. But never forget that you deserve more, that you deserve happiness and health. There is more than corporate success. It’s not selfish—it’s essential. By prioritizing your own well-being, you not only benefit yourself but also become better equipped to support and inspire those around you. It’s also the key to lasting success in business. You are the heart of your company, the driving force behind your department. Let your heart guide you, and let self-care be an act of love and compassion. This will automatically lead to a life where you are full of energy, see a healthy number on the scale, have a toned body and happy gut. A healthy lifestyle really isn’t that difficult, it’s actually quite simple but we overcomplicate things. My clients are usually surprised by the simplicity of my approach. I take out the overwhelm and the confusion… the results follow with ease.

Finding Balance and Support

Creating a healthy routine after a challenging time is a delicate balancing act. Find what works best for you and your unique circumstances. Don’t copy what somebody else is doing. They are not you. I see so many competing with other C-level executives to run a marathon or do any kind of extreme diet… This is not what I mean with a healthy lifestyle. Always start with YOU and taking care of what you need and what makes you happy and healthy. Health is not about competition. Your body shape is unique, you are unique. There’s already too much competition in our work life. Seek support from loved ones, friends, or a personal coach. Sometimes, all we need is someone who understands and empathizes with our journey or someone who knows from a professional standpoint which steps are best for you. Together, you can build a foundation of support that uplifts you when challenges arise.

Conclusion on my Tips for getting back into a healthy routine

As you embark on your quest to regain a healthy lifestyle, remember to be kind to yourself. Celebrate every step forward, no matter how small. Believe in the power of your own resilience and determination. I am pretty sure you have already proven yourself You are capable of great things, and I have complete faith in your ability to conquer your challenges.

So, my dear, are you ready to take that first step? Let’s uplift and inspire one another, lighting the way on this incredible journey, your journey. I hope that the love and energy I put into my work also uplifts you. Please love yourself… I already love you and I see you living your healthy lifestyle if you dare to take that first step.


My name is Lies Helsloot and I call myself the first TAKE YOU TIME™ Mentor. I am the author of 3 books (“Walk Yourself Slim & Happy. How taking More Steps can Change Your Life”, “Move yourself slim and happy”(English translation coming soon) and “The Complete Guide to healthy Hair“), I blog here at takeyoutime.com and coach individual clients, groups and companies around the world to live a happy, healthy life and more work-life balance with my 7-step concept of self-care called TAKE YOU TIME™. For more motivation and free training and challenges, be sure to sign up for the newsletter on this site and follow me on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Or get in touch to know about my online- and coaching programs.

Some of the content on my website is sponsored content but I only promote products and services that I truly trust and use for myself, my family or my clients.


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