The 75% rule in weight loss.

De 75% regel bij afvallen.

As with many things in life and also in the field of health and weight loss, the motto is “less is more.” When we make healthy choices for our health we often choose “less” of something but “more” health, well-being, happiness and energy. But we usually approach this only as something “less” and as the “lack” of something. And that makes us feel bad so we hear that little voice in our head that will do just the opposite: namely MORE of what drives us FAR AWAY from a healthy and fit body, a sense of well-being and more energy.


And yet “less” is something that you can also learn to approach in a very positive way. Saying less of one thing, more “no” to unhealthy food choices, sitting in the couch and binge-watching Netflix and also saying “no” to people and even to some opportunities and keeping focus can be a real liberation. It gives you the opportunity in that moment to say “YES” wholeheartedly to everything that is good for you.


In my book “Walk yourself thin & happy. How taking more steps can change your life” (currently only in Dutch, English coming soon), in the chapter “Eating for Natural Weight,” I describe my golden rules that you can use to better your food choices as well. Of course, what I write in the book is only a fraction of my entire method and approach to nutrition.

Eating for me is purely about enjoying delicious flavors and feeling like I’m giving my body something that will make it healthy and keep it healthy. And that also includes nice crispy chips, a glass of wine, chocolate and pralines, a cookie… I hate to deny myself anything. If you tell me that something is “not” allowed I will be tempted even more to do it anyway. I’m a little naughty and turn into the worst teenager…


I’ve learned to just enjoy everything in moderation so I never feel like something isn’t allowed…that works better for me and I noticed it worked better for others too. I also don’t feel the need to empty a full pack of cookies as often because my food choices throughout the day ensure that I am satisfied and have enjoyed what I eat. I no longer have a constant craving for food because of the way I eat. In my method I work with dissociated eating or food combining: making the right food combinations with my meals AND also with the principle of the 75% that I describe on page 141. When I follow the principles of food combination I don’t really have to pay attention to how much is on it, at that moment I already make a choice that keeps me satisfied but slim.

If I go for a less ideal combination then I don’t overload my plate with food, but I opt for the 75% rule and put 75% of what I would like to eat on it. My eyes are always bigger than my stomach. Our stomach is just a little bag and you can’t really put that much in it unless you put the whole thing under pressure by eating too much and by eating the wrong combination. Then things can’t be digested peacefully resulting in digestive problems, flatulence and also weight gain and the reason why your scale is stuck.


Especially proteins and carbohydrates are eaten in too large quantities and the hype of the protein  and keto diets has also caused a lot of health problems such as cancer, acidification, inflammation processes and faster aging of the body and above all a lot of frustration, sadness and often self-hatred: “I had lost so much weight but now that I’ve stopped, it all comes back, I’m a loser, I feel so weak”.


Who predominantly eats the right food combinations and makes other choices in the composition of their plate: namely more living food and less of the rest, will automatically make other choices in other meals. You notice after a while that you are very quickly satiated after a plate of delicious pasta with real Bolognaise sauce. (And yes, I eat that with white pasta! Yummie!) You will enjoy it but you will see that you will automatically have enough with less. But I want to erase that stupid and horrible feeling of guilt from your mind with a big eraser.


Adopting that way of eating you will also feel more and more like saying YES and less like saying NO. It will happen organically. That is the power of my approach… Anyone can do it, my clients prove that every day. What are you waiting for? Good health and a healthy, natural weight can be yours forever… Get in touch through the contact pages if you want to know more about my method and the ways you can work with me. Subscribe to the newsletter to get the latest information in my world.






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