How to brush your hair

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Tapping for healthy hair

EFT, or ‘tapping’ as it is more commonly known, is a powerful technique that anyone can do to relieve the body and mind of stress. Stress as we’ve discovered is such a powerful driver of dis-ease in the body and very often the reason behind hair changes or issues. Stress is a bigger part of life than ever which isn’t great news for our health or hair. Finding effective and quick strategies that we can empower ourselves with can dissolve the stress we carry with us as well as create daily peace and calm. In my book “Het complete boek over haar. In 3 stappen naar gezond haar.” I have described this technique to use for improved hair health.

Since this technique looked a little bit strange when seeing it in writing, my friend Sally Gray ND created a video to show you how it is done. Follow this link to watch. (Due to a technical problem and neighbourhood noise, the sound isn’t perfect, but the demonstration is)

More on tapping in my book “The complete guide to healthy hair.  A 3 step program to heal your hair.” Already available in Dutch and coming soon in English. Subscribe to our newsletter to be informed of the release.


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