what are the best walking socks

What are the best socks for walking?

What are the best socks for walking? If you ask me “what are the best socks for walking” then just like the answer I would give you regarding the same question about walking shoes I will say: that depends. Picking the best socks for your next walk following my method on lifestyle walking is an absolute must-have to make sure you can keep on walking everyday. I am not a walking coach and I do not advocate walking groups, I promote a 360° healthy lifestyle founded on my 7 pillar method of TAKE YOU TIME including daily walking for mental …

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Why do I walk everyday

Why do I walk everyday. Why do I walk every day? Good question and this is my answer. Why do I faithfully take my 15,000 steps every day and walk for 1 hour every day? Because I value self-care. How else can I be full of energy every day in life, stay slim and be healthy? Keynote speeches, company trainings on self-care and well-being at work, writing books (number 3 is coming up!), coaching clients, being active on social media, developing a new line under my lifestyle brand Delphin & Emerence, taking care of my little daughter, being there for …

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