Go easy on sugar!


Go easy on sugar!

The flexibility and elasticity of our skin and hair is being protected by collagen and elastine. Those two substances are to be found in the subcutaneous tissues. Everytime we enjoy a sugary snack or food containing added sugars, we set in motion a process that binds sugar molecules to the proteins in our skin and scalp. This process reduces the elasticity of skin and hair, resulting in wrinkles, saggy looking skin and weakened hair. So reducing your sugar intake is not only a good thing for weightloss and overall health, it is also very beneficial to growing healthy hair.

Some tips to reduce your sugar intake:

  • check your diet for hidden sugars
  • replace sugar with healthier options like agave syrup, coconut blossom sugar or stevia
  • choose whole grain foods over processed grains
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables also contain sugar, but these are healthier options to your diet. However it is advisable to eat fruit whole, instead of going for smoothies and juices, because then the sugars that are present will be absorbed into the bloodstream too quickly. To balance out a fruit based smoothie, make sure you add some healthy proteins like tofu, organic yoghurt, protein powder (from pea, rice,…) or nuts.

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