Split ends


What to do about split ends.


Hello my beautiful Take You Time friends!

AAAH, split ends! We all have them at some point. But what causes it? How do you avoid them? How do you get rid of them? Here some of my tips on how to keep your hair free of split ends.

Split Ends

I’ve been dealing with split ends all of my life. Split ends happen when the ends of a hair splits in two,. This can be due to the fact that your hair is not receiving enough nutrients to grow long and healthy. When you don’t do anything about it, the split in the hair goes up higher and higher and eventually the hair just breaks off. This can be sooo frustrating, especially when you want to grow long hair.

Don’t believe in products that can just glue them together. They might do that temporarily, but the truth is that the only thing you can do is to cut off the split ends. After that it is important to avoid them. I never leave split ends in my hair and cut them off right away with a good pair of sharp hair scissors. If you don’t your hair will split even further resulting in more hair breakage. Also not cutting them will make your hair tangle up easier, frizz more and will make it look dull and without shine.

Why do we get split ends?

There are many possible causes for split ends:

  • Too much heat styling and blow drying hair (like every other day)
  • Chemical treatments like dying, highlights, dying, perms, relaxers
  • Using a cheap brush that is not suitable for your hair type
  • Being too rough when towel drying your hair
  • Low quality hair products
  • You lack certain nutrients (see other posts and my book)
  • Lack of regular trims
  • Using rubber bands

In stead change that behaviour to:

  • only heat styling occasionally
  • reduce hair treatments and especially the use of relaxers!!
  • Use a quality hairbrush like from Delphin & Emerence
  • Brush your hair the right way: check my video here
  • Gently pad your hair dry and wrap it in a towel to absorb moisture
  • Choose quality products: more expensive but better results
  • Check your diet and add what you miss out on
  • Get a haircut every two months and trim out the split ends yourself regularly
  • Use hair elastics that are covered with silk and that have no metal parts (check out Invisibobble, my personal favourite along with my D&E hairbrush)
  • Use a nourishing hair mask every 3 to 4 washes
  • Use oil to nourish your hair on a daily basis (for exemple check out Nuxe dry oil and Cime dry oil, see my other post and video on this)

Hope my tips can help you grow long and healthy hair. Please post your questions or remarks below. I’ll get back to you asap!


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