Solidea Essentia Merino Jasmine Compression Stockings

Solidea Essentia Merino Jasmine compression stockings

Solidea Essentia Merino Jasmine compression Stockings


Review: Solidea Essentia Merino Jasmine Compression Stockings … In preparation for my birthday, I was putting together some fun outfits for a day out in Ghent and a stop at the cocktail bar in the former post office building on the Korenmarkt in Ghent The Cobbler.  I already know what I’m going to drink there: a delicious and perfectly made Cosmopolitan! And probably something else after that…. There aren’t many places where they can make a good cocktail but this place does it PERFECT! I already feel like settling down in one of the cozy seats or plopping down on a bar stool to watch the bartender at work. But now back to my outfit. I love nice clothes and just recently completely emptied my closet and dropped it on Vinted to make room for new things and also to have to move less to my new home. But one skirt has stuck and that is my favorite faux leather black skirt. Spicy enough to go out in and with a pair of comfortable sneakers the perfect outfit for a day out on the town.

Review: Solidea Essentia Merino Jasmine Compressiekousen

Spring in the land but still chilly.

Spring is in the country but it is still pretty chilly. So a skirt with bare buttocks was not something I could see at the moment because I suffer from cold feet very quickly and if I hang around in stores for a long time I also suffer from swollen legs. The perfect solution for this are the new stockings from Solidea. They combine comfortable fit with a pleasant warm effect and they also contribute to healthy legs.

Gradual compression and cosy & warm.

These Solidea Essentia Merino Jasmine stockings are made of merino wool which is nice and warm but does not have that annoying itching effect of the wool “collants” I used to wear in my childhood. It drove me crazy and then scratched me to death. But after a day of testing at my desk and on errand, these stockings are wonderfully soft and don’t sting at all. My legs and feet were really nice and warm. And as you know my thermostat is only at 17 degrees because a fresher environment is simply healthier and also good for the line. (One of my secrets to staying slim) Besides the pleasant feeling of warmth, these stockings are also made to provide graduated compression on your legs and you really feel it. From the ankles to the buttocks, you feel a constant, gentle pressure that feels very pleasant. My legs felt light all day and at night when taking them off I really notice a difference and my legs are not as swollen as some other days. I have that same effect with all of Solidea’s stockings and leggings anyway. They help prevent but also cure varicose veins (I myself have suffered from that since I was 30), lymphedema and heavy legs. If you wear their products daily in combination with a healthy lifestyle: healthy drinks and food and exercise according to my method in the book you really notice results and also see less cellulite. I wear them for a nice feeling during the day at my desk and daily activities but also for my method around walking they are super. See also my other articles like for example the one about the Be You Icon leggings.

Look & style

Currently, they exist only in black. A blue and/or dark brown version would also be nice. But with my faux leather, black skirt, they look perfect. They are tin-tight and fit nicely. The foot is reinforced at the toe which is welcome if you also wear such stockings while practicing my method in the book “Walk yourself slim and happy” and “Move yourself slim and happy”.  This is because I quickly get holes at the level of my big toe and with these stockings I did not have that. With poor quality stockings it is often after only 1 day of wearing and walking.

Solidea Essentia Merino Jasmine


So, for this review of Solidea Essentia Merino Jasmine again a thick almost 10 out of 10 as with all Solidea products that I have been faithfully wearing for over 5 years. And you can also start enjoying these little life hacks of mine: Solidea offers you a nice discount on these stockings and their entire range. Check it out HERE


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Solidea Essentia Merino Jasmine


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