Sea, Sun and Hair!


Sea, Sun and your hair

How wonderful to enjoy the hot summer months or a sunny vacation amidst the bleak winter months! Swimming in the sea, in a fresh river or in that stunning infinity pool, not to forget the soothing warmth of the sun on your skin, delicious! But we all know that the effects of sun, water, sea salt and chlorine are not exactly conducive to beautiful skin and hair. Just as you protect your skin with a high protection sun cream to prevent sun damage and skin aging, you should also protect your hair appropriately. Some tips to keep your hair in tip top shape while enjoying the delights of summer time.

Tips to guard your hair from summer delights.


Oil is a fantastic ally

Before you go to the beach, rub some natural oil, into your hair. Now is the time to use quite a bit more than usual, because you are really going for protection. You can comb your oiled hair back for a wet look or you may, if you have long hair, put your hair up in a bun or make a beautiful braid. If you don’t want to make your own oil mixes and like a nice smell like I do, then check out the dry oils from Nuxe (Huile Prodigieuse), Cîme (l’huile by Cîme) and René Furterer (Huile 5 Sens). Read my other post on how to use dry oil here.

  • A nice hat or a scarf

Wearing them is not only beautiful in summer, but also protects your hair and your scalp from UV radiation. And yes, your scalp can get sunburned! Protect your head and drink plenty of water so you don’t have to cancel that fun cocktail party on the beach, because you are in bed suffering from a sunstroke!

  • Special hair products

Today, there already are special haircare products on the market that contain a sunscreen. Ask advice from your stylist or pharmacist. I can really recommend the brand René Furterer because they have an excellent sun protection range which smells wonderful!

  • Wash and care

After a day of sunbathing and splashing, wash your hair with a gentle nourishing shampoo and always use a good conditioner and regularly apply a nourishing hair mask. Before washing always detangle your hair first using a high quality detangling hairbrush for example from Delphin & Emerence.

  • No hair dryer

Let your hair air-dry as much as possible to prevent additional heat damage from the hairdryer. There are a lot of nice products on the market to give your hair a beach look and to accentuate your natural curls and waves (e.g. Moroccanoil, Rahua and Bumble and Bumble, René Furterer Sublime Curl).

More of these kind of hair tips? Then I invite you to check out my book: “The complete guide to healthy hair. A 3-step program to heal your hair.” English version available on Amazon through this link.  Dutch version available on Amazon, bol.com and on Delphin & Emerence through this link.


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