Review Solidea Be You Icon leggings

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Review Solidea Be You Icon leggings

Time for another review of a product that will make your life a lot healthier and more beautiful. We are early February and since the end of December I have been testing a new product from the brand Solidea: the Solidea Be You Icon leggings. I took the leggings on vacation at the fine hotel Kastenholz in the beautiful German, Eifel region. One of my favorite places for a few days away with rest, beauty treatments and of course long walks in nature. That vacation was the ideal time to test out a new pair of leggings from the brand Solidea that I have been wearing faithfully for years and which has since become the favorite of my clients in practice and you, dear readers and followers. This is my experience.

wearing Solidea Be You Icon leggings

Look & feel Solidea Be you Icon leggings

The leggings are very firm yet soft when you touch them. As with all graduated compression stockings, you have to put them on correctly so they fit well. I immediately felt the compression from ankles to thighs after putting them on. The leggings fit nicely and they immediately give my legs an instant elevator and a firm butt. At 45, my butt and buttocks are pretty ok but we can all use a little help then, right? 😜 They currently only exist in black but I think this is ok, it pairs easily with all outfits and is convenient for use on outdoor walks. They also designed them for everyday wear as they are nice to wear just like this during the week at work with a nice sneaker and even a spicy heel. But they are also ideal for sporty wear because you can simply change shoes at lunchtime, for example, and immediately start walking in stylish leggings.

The Solidea leggings are also comfortable in the stomach area: high enough so that they don’t fall off and you don’t see any annoying, unsightly rolls of fat bulging out. For me, these are leggings that I can really wear every day and feel confident in. The leggings dress really nicely. I will definitely buy another color when it comes.

Review Solidea Be You Icon leggings


The Solidea Be you Icon leggings are made from sustainable bamboo viscose (51%) mixed with polyamide and elastane. So nice stretch and firm around your body. The material is breathable and sweat odors are neutralized because the fabric is antimicrobial. The fabric really feels very comfortable. I wore the leggings 4 days very intensively both indoors and outdoors and they really still smelled fresh. I actually only washed them after my vacation because they had mud splatters on them from my last hike. While hiking they got wet from the rain but I felt no sticky feeling nor hindrance while moving. Once at the hotel they were dry in no time. I washed them at home on short program at 30 degrees and just air dried. Super easy.

What (magic) do they do for your legs?

The leggings have a graduated compression of 15/21 mmHg so they are in the class 1 of compression stockings. Ideal for prevention of varicose veins and for light legs because the compression really helps to get the moisture out of your legs. I am also alternating these leggings with the Silver Wave model in the future, which works even deeper on cellulite. I wrote an article about that as well: read it HERE. Compression stockings are good for all those who have circulation problems such as heavy legs, lymphedema, varicose veins, … but also for those who want to prevent them. Prevention should be done in time. I wish I knew this earlier so I could have slightly smoother legs now. Now yes, there are more important things in life, but still…. I hope I can help people with my experience earlier so you can prevent my problems.

Review Solidea Be You Icon leggings

My score?

I give the leggings a big 10 out of 10! I’m also glad that they listened to my advice at the brand to also create leggings for every day wear. I already feel comfortable wearing them. Hopefully you too? I already know that many ladies in my Facebook Community and followers on instagram #takeyoutimeblog already bought them and are raving about them.

A present for you…

Who doesn’t like to get a nice discount on a good product? Would you like to try the Solidea Be You Icon leggings? Then take advantage of the exclusive discount code on my site: CLICK HERE to get this and also other discounts on a range of products that make my life healthier and easier. Are you also already enjoying wearing Solidea stockings and leggings? Then share it below in the comments: that way you’ll help others towards a healthy lifestyle too. Do you also want to know what socks are best for walking? Then read that article on it HERE.

(Some content on my website is advertising and sponsored. From Solidea, I buy many products myself, some I get. I only promote what I personally like and also use daily for myself, my family and my clients)

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