5 reasons to invest in a quality hairbrush

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5 reasons to invest in a quality hairbrush

Everyone who has been following my “hair journey” knows that I am very passionate about hair and the importance of brushing. I can’t stop talking about it, because I am so convinced of the power of brushing that I just have to share it with as many people as possible. On my personal journey towards getting my healthy hair back after giving birth to my beautiful daughter Gina, losing almost 30% of my hair, I started to investigate my own hair routine. I took a closer look at my nutrition habits, the way I handled stress and the products and tools I used to keep my hair in shape. One of the things I found out was that going for a high quality, more expensive brush was a very important ally in my quest for healthy hair. I searched the market for “the perfect brush”, researched all I could find on how a hairbrush is built. Since I couldn’t find that perfect brush and because I was so passionate and determined to find it, the Universe brought the people onto my life path that could make this for me. I got in touch with the most passionate Belgian hair lovers in the world and started working with them on the best hairbrush in the world. That is how I created my hairbrush range Delphin & Emerence. But I get so many questions about WHY THE HELL MY BRUSHES ARE SO EXPENSIVE. So that is the reason I decided to write this article.


5 benefits a good hairbrush offers you


The 5 most important benefits a good hairbrush offers are:

  • due to the materials used and the way they are built they are able to spread sebum, your own conditioner,  all along the lengths of your hair to nourish them
  • powerful enough to untangle your hair without damaging its fragile structure. Using a cheap, poor quality brush can really cause serious damage to the hair structure.
  • respects the hair structure and makes sure that the hair sheaths, which are imbricated to the outer layer of your hair, lie perfectly flat and as a result your hair is smooth and shiny.
  • your scalp enjoys a blissful micro massage which enhances the blood flow: oxygen and nutrients are more easily absorbed and healthy hair growth is promoted. You can only achieve this effect with the highest quality and purest bristles.
  • they gently but effectively remove dust, small particles from air pollution, pollen and dead hair. That way you make sure your hair can breathe freely and that it shines beautifully.

Why a good hairbrush costs more…

A good hairbrush will cost more than a bad one. To make a good quality hairbrush, only the best materials are allowed to be used, which of course are more expensive. The highest quality bristles, the best natural cushion with anti-static qualities, a sleek and ergonomic design,… Quality is cheaper in the long run, because your brush will last longer, which is good for your wallet and the environment. A good hairbrush will not damage your hair so you will avoid costly repair operations that arise after using poor quality brushes (and you will especially avoid the frustration that your locks won’t look good anymore).

A small investment in healthy hair…

We invest hundreds and sometimes thousands of euros/dollars on hair products, dietary supplements, cosmetic treatments and hairdressing sessions, but we forget that a good hairbrush is an essential part of our beauty routine and therefore a good investment in our appearance. A good hairbrush will last many years offering you a blissful experience everyday resulting in healthy, shiny hair. So if you see this investment over the years of enjoyment and compare it with you annual budget you spend on hairdresser’s appointments, products and nutritional supplements you will probably agree with me that your hair is so worth it. So please feel free to check out what I have created and go to www.delphinandemerence.com

No matter what you decide, you are always very welcome on my blog for some more free hair tips, because ultimately it is my life goal to help you heal your hair. So thank you for reading this and following my blog.

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  1. Great article, very insightful! Really helps in making good decisions when it comes to choosing the best and quality hairbrush 🙂 Cheers!

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