Ready for work!


Ready for work!

Unfortunately we already have gotten used to a new working year after the delightful summer months, but we certainly still carry a bit of that summer feeling in our hearts. In Belgium we did not have a reason to complain about the sun. More then enough sun rays and energy! So even the ones that stayed at home (like me working on my business) were able to enjoy some of it and the Belgian sea side was the perfect location for a day at the beach. Although the sun makes us feel fantastic, our summer delights can do harm to our precious hair: the dehydrating impact of the sun and salty or chlorinated water are not to be underestimated. So if you haven’t had time yet to get your hair back in shape, then read my tips here and your hair will look gorgeous and healthy again in no time!

Tip 1: Get a haircut!

The drying effect of sun and water most probably left you behind with dry hair and split ends. This is the ideal moment for a cut by a pro! I always recommend to get a cut every three months, but it’s not a bad idea to have an extra one after summer. Just getting those split ends out is enough. No need for drastic measures when you then follow my next tips.

Tip 2: Special nutrition and care.

After a professional cut it is important to take extra good care of your manes. If you have been using more gentle and extra-nourishing products during summer then it is not a bad idea to keep on using them. Alternatively you can also switch to a repairing product like Moroccanoils “Repair”-range (f.ex. restorative hair mask and shampoo and conditioner from the range. Works wonders on my hair. However get some advice from a professional before you buy and use sparingly. I usually use these repairing products for about a month and then I swith back to my normal routine with the “Hydration”-range from this brand. Otherwise my hair starts getting heavy and feels greasy. It only means you have reached your goal and you can put the repairing product in your storage for the next time you need some extra TLC.

Sometimes I also use the French brand René Furterer which created a hair mask: Intense Nourishing Mask that contains Karité-butter. A final advice from me: always, ALWAYS (!) use a combination of products from 1 brand instead of mixing. High quality brands do make sure that their products work in synergy and so you’ll have better results if your stick to their plan. High quality and more expensive is always a smart, also money-wise, idea! (and please, please, please invest in a good hairbrush not to ruin the results when you brush! Check out www.delphinandemerence.com)

Tip 3: keep that golden glow!

The sun has been playing around in your hair and has left behind those beautiful, natural highlights. If you want to keep them a bit longer, then choose a specific shampoo nad conditioner that does that. Products containing natural chamomile extracts, like from the French brand Klorane, are the perfect pick. Of course you can also experiment your self by making your own lotions and treatments. I describe some of them in my book “The complete guide to healthy hair. A 3-step program to heal your hair.” Always use high quality chamomile flowers from a healthy food store or use flowers you have picked yourself, like I often do. Keep on repeating these highlight-enhancing treatments for a couple of weeks and as long as you see good results. Once your hair has grown too long, it will be time for professional highlights.

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Tip 4: afternoon slump?

Pfff… 3 o’clock and you almost fell a sleep on top of your desk… Time for a break. Make yourself a refreshing cup of mint tea, perform some jumping jacks and stretches and treat yourself to an invigorating hairbrush massage using a high quality, natural hairbrush. (please feel free to check out my own brand Delphin & Emerence) Brushing your hair stimulates bloodflow in your scalp and you’ll be sharp and alert in no time. Bonus is that you look perfectly groomed too!


Tip 5: Water first.

Very tempting that coffee machine at work or a quick run to the coffee shop down the street. Unfortunately coffee has an dehydrating effect on your body and that shows in you hair and skin. Make sure you drink at least 1,5 liters of water a day. Choose filtered or mineral water or light herbal tea. Beautiful hair needs hydration! Put this on a post-it on your screen or make a reminder in one of the many apps on your smartphone.

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