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In my life and in my practice, I use some great products daily that make my life a lot healthier but also help me put my method into practice. As an influencer, I only recommend products that I use for myself and my daughter and that I recommend in my practice. I make a conscious choice to do so. I receive compensation for some products, I’m honest about that. But I know that what I recommend has already made many a person happy or breathed a sigh of relief. 😜

I get spontaneous messages weekly from clients, followers and readers thanking me for recommending a certain product to them. This is also how I help you make the right choice and spend your pennies right away instead of having to go test yourself and throw away a lot of money. I do it for you!

Below you will find a lot of things I highly recommend. Feel free to let me know what you think. That also helps me improve my recommendations. Certain products come with a nice discount code. Did it expire? Contact me through the contact page and ask if a new code is available.

Do you sell a great product that you think belongs here? Let me know about it! Send me an email via the contact page.


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OY 2020 00128 tubes scaled


An up and coming Belgian brand founded by Inge Louf. Inge has often visited my Facebook group "Walk to your natural weight" to explain the importance of sweating and what you can do against unpleasant sweat odors. The deo soap and deo scrub I have been faithfully using every day since the very beginning. I apply them while brushing my teeth, that way the product has time to take effect. Afterwards, I also use the underarms deo soap immediately as a gentle shaving soap. Just wet and shave. And I stay nice and fresh all day without dirty, yellow stains in my clothes and sticky armpits. I also don't like any mess on my skin and this product is really clean and safe to use! Meanwhile, the range expanded to include antiseptic hand cream and a facial cleanser that doubles as a moisturizer and makes your skin smooth and soft and gets rid of pimples! You can check it all out on their website oycare.be With the discount code oyfris22 you get 10% off in the shop! Click on the image above to go to the website.

Labophar silix natural energy orgitan bioradix


For years I have been working in my practice with the products of the company Labophar. In my blog articles I regularly explain more about one or more supplements I take myself. - SILIX Hair-Skin-Nails
- Vitamin D3 from Natural Energy
- Magne B Plus D from B+Pharma
- Detox 1 and 3 from Bioradix for daily and periodic detox
- Orgitan Care for the support of my intestinal microbiome and higher resistance
On their website you get a very nice 10% discount on the full range with code takeyoutime
Are you a member of one of my programs? Then you got an even higher discount code with a free product on top. All the more reason to join one of my programs
Click on the image above to go to their site.

zerowater waterfilter


We drink not only to hydrate ourselves so that our skin stays beautiful and shiny, our breath and sweat smells fresh, our bowel movements are smooth, our brain gets the moisture it needs to concentrate properly,... and so on. But drinking sufficiently is also very important for the removal of waste products. However, it is important that you do not put any more 'garbage' in your body and that you drink pure water. So before I give you some inspiration to spice up your water, I want to mention this. My personal preference is for filtered tap water because it also has the lowest impact on our planet and thus ultimately on our health and that of those who come after us. But what is the best way to filter your water? There are several systems on the market ranging from very expensive sophisticated systems that you have installed on your water mains or more affordable options of getting started with a filter system on a jug. For quite some time I have chosen the latter and only ZeroWater's filter system. This system uses a 5-stage filter that extracts much more from your water than just lime and chlorine like most other brands on the market, e.g. Brita. Among other things, the system also removes PFAS, PFOS, drug residues in drinking water (e.g. anti-depressants, hormones,...), drugs,... from your water. This way you drink really pure water and you taste it, not only in your glass of water but also in the (hot) drinks you make with it. The taste of everything you add comes out so much better.

Delphin & Emerence


In 2017, I launched my own brand Delphin & Emerence. An exclusive collection of natural hair brushes and a drybrush to drybrush your body every day for better circulation (that model is called the Peach Blossom). I designed the line after writing and researching for my book "The Complete Book on Hair. "On my brand's website you can read all about it and with code TAKEYOUTIME you get 10% off the entire collection. Currently I am also working behind the scenes developing 3 new products for hair and body! So keep an eye on my social media and be sure to follow #delphinandemerence on instagram and facebook

solidea bamboo be you leggings


Years ago I discovered the Italian brand Solidea. I have been suffering from fluid retention since a young age which often causes my legs to be swollen and the skin surface is not as smooth and tight as I would like. Notwithstanding I faithfully take my 15,000 steps from my method - described in my books - every day and walk at least 1 hour a day combined with a healthy diet I also suffer from slight varicose veins which I have injected (sclerosed) every few years. To relieve my legs I started looking for a solution years ago. I tried a hundred and one compression stockings but they didn't do what I expected them to, they were uncomfortable to wear and most of the time they were ugly. Until I discovered Solidea. If you click on the picture or title above you will go directly to their website. With the code TAKEYOUTIME you get 15% off your first order (>59€) and 5% on all additional orders if you create an account. (TIP: these codes are often even combinable with other discounts on their site, usually the extra codes is even added automatically) f you follow my newsletter and social media channels then you can also enjoy temporary, exclusive promotions that I may sometimes launch for the members of my community. Hope this brand will also help you achieve smooth and light legs.

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