Love your curls

Why do we all want to be like our friend or that certain celebrity? When we have curls we want straight hair. When we have straight hair, we are so tempted to try waves or curls. But why? Why can’t we be happy with the gift of Mother Nature? I see so many women trying to change their beautiful curls by using techniques that in the end really destroy their hair. I am asking you to please, please, please embrace your natural beauty and start loving yourself AND your curls. Here are some facts on curly hair.

Facts and thoughts on curly hair.

  • Differences in the shape of the cortex (see also previous article) have an impact on how hair behaves under different circumstances and also provides us information on how you can provide the best care for this type of hair.
  • Classic Afro hair/African-American hair has a lower density than my own blonde hair for example. On average there are about 120-140 hairs per square centimeter (or 0.16 square inch). On average these types have about 60,000 follicles. Surprisingly, due to the dark skin tone and frizzy hair texture, you get the impression that these types have the most hair.
  • Afro hair grows slower than Asian and Caucasian hair. Because of the strong curly texture, the Afro hair looks shorter, while it is much longer when stretched. This type of hair usually doesn’t grow very long. The maximum length is 30 centimeters (11.8 inches) at best.
  • The hair implant is different and the hairs are very closely implanted next to each other, which makes them very difficult to brush. The shape of the hair, when cut in half, is most likely flat and oval to the shape of an ellipse. This is the main reason why it frizzes and curls.
  • Curly hair types need special hairbrushes to meet their very special needs.
  • Because of the above reasons the hair knots easily and especially when it isn’t well cared for, because then the hair sheaths are ‘open’, which makes the hair strands ‘hook’ together and tangle up.
  • It is the most fragile hair type and is very prone to breakage, often due to harsh treatments and braiding.
  • Whoever is blessed with dense curls has the most difficulty to spread sebum over the entire length of the hair through brushing. This is why a suitable hairbrush (for example from Delphin & Emerence) and good care of dry ends are very important for this type of hair.
  • Mistreating curly and Afro hair may result in dry and brittle hair, hairloss, bald spots, painfully red and dry scalp, dandruff,… So be soft, gentle and loving with it!

In a next article I will share some of my tips to take care of your beautiful curls!


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