Is tap water safe and does it contain PFAS/PFOS?

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So often I get the question, “is tap water healthy”, am I better off drinking bottled water, mineral water or water from the tap and does tap water contain PFOS/PFAS or other chemicals? An important topic since the 3M scandal in Belgium, Antwerp.

When asked what type of water is best to drink there are different answers but one thing is certain: pure water is a daily necessity and it is important to drink enough. I also place a strong emphasis on this in my health programs. But if you drink water then of course you don’t want to ingest any junk. Since the recent scandal involving 3M in Zwijndrecht/Antwerp I have started to think seriously about it. Because apparently the water companies set a certain “acceptable” level of PFOS/PFAS for your tap water. In a recent news report, it also appeared that even those who live in the countryside for their health are not exempt from toxic substances and in that report, it appeared that if you live in the “healthy” countryside, a lot of toxic substances are found in your bedroom, such as Glyphosate (an ingredient of herbicides in the brand Roundup, among others). Hmmm, that does make you think. It also brought me to my drinking water where I consciously choose water from the tap for environmental and climate reasons. I feel it is my duty to take care of tomorrow’s planet now so that my daughter and her children can live a healthy life.

For years I used a BRITA brand filter jug thinking that it would remove all possible residue of chemicals from my favorite thirst quencher… Oops… wrong again. It turns out that BRITA mainly and almost exclusively removes chlorine and lime from my water and nothing more. Reason for me to start looking for a different system that could affordably rid my climate-neutral water from the tap of substances like PFOS, PFAS, herbicides, heavy metals, chlorine, remnants of the pill and other hormones, anti-depressants and medications, because yes(!), you eventually pee those out and they end up in the drinking water cycle. Yes, they are partly filtered in the water purification company but it has to adhere to a minimum presence of the substances according to European regulations and so that also means that they ARE in there! Same story goes in other countries.

I also found that my trusty BRITA jug was quite a few years old and that this was economical but not wise. You must replace a plastic water jug at least once every 2 years. So it was time for something different.

A while ago I chose the system of ZEROWATER that comes from the USA. Before I dared to write an article about it here, I first wanted to thoroughly try it out myself and investigate. There are more expensive systems to purify your water but I honestly, like many, do not have the budget for that. My choice is made: for me, the safest, most environmentally friendly, climate-neutral and affordable solution is the system of ZEROWATER. On their website you will find numerous studies showing that they are much more reliable than BRITA. The brand offers various models of purification jugs and also very handy larger containers with a tap, for example, for companies or larger families. I am already convinced and until I find another product that would be even better, this is currently my choice and my advice to you.

Would you also like such a jug, would you like to drink pure water? Then you can buy one with a 5% discount with the code TAKEYOUTIME on the European website of ZEROWATER. The code is valid on all jugs and the filters. How much you need to change the filter depends on the composition of the water that comes out of your tap and how much water you filter daily. For me it is about 2 filters per month. Still much cheaper than bottled water and it saves a lot of lifting and dragging bottles which my lower back hernia is thankful for.

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