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When asked which deodorant is safe and whether it causes breast cancer, there are many answers and many products that all claim something: no parabens, no aluminum, no dyes, natural perfume, … But at the end of the day, I just want something that works and that keeps me fresh all day long and preferably doesn’t leave white stains on my dark clothes or those nasty yellow stains on my white T-shirts either. I mainly go for natural solutions when it comes to my personal hygiene and beauty but I also think it’s important to look good and smell fresh! But which deodorant do I use myself? Members of my Facebook Community and instagram already know that I love one particular product, further on in the article I’ll tell you which one it is. But first some deo-school with some facts you should know.

If you browse the shelves in a store, you’ll find an incredibly wide range of deodorants: rollers, sticks, aerosols, soaps, lotions, creams, powders… They come in all shapes, scents and colors. A so-called antiperspirant, the word says it all, contains the ingredient aluminum chlorohydrate. This substance seals your sweat glands so you stay dry under your armpits and don’t get soaking wet or “armpit ponds” in your clothes. You can spot an antiperspirant in a flash because you usually recognize them by the print “48H” or “72H” fresh. This type of deodorant completely closes off your pores and sweat glands so that you simply don’t sweat, or at least sweat a lot less. This can be useful if, for example, you have a photo shoot planned or give a keynote presentation like I often do and you don’t want wet armpits. It doesn’t look very attractive in some clothes, does it? However I don’t use it anymore and if I want to stay extra dry I use a natural powder like Dr. Hauschka Body Powder. Absolutely nothing compared to the classic talcum powder (that does not enter my bathroom!) I use it under the armpits but also on my feet and between the toes. This powder keeps you a lot drier, but it doesn’t solve the problem of odors.

What about a regular deodorant? It contains much less or no aluminum chlorohydrate and will therefore not have that dry effect. These are the deodorants that have a nice fragrance and therefore mask odors through perfume, but they do very little about the cause of bad odors. I don’t use them and I’m certainly not an advocate of these aerosols because you always breathe in a lot of garbage. That’s why many schools prohibit them in the locker rooms of the sports hall.

As you can read in my book “Walk yourself slim and happy” (coming spring 2022 in English) I think sweating is important and I am in favor of not suppressing the process. Just like I think sebum on your head is crucial for a healthy head of hair where brushing with a quality, natural hairbrush is absolutely a must. (The reason I created my own brand of hairbrushes Delphin & Emerence)

Our body has about two to three million sweat glands. They are there for a reason! So clearly, sweating is very important. By sweating, the body regulates its temperature, discharges waste products and puts a natural protective layer on the skin. Pure sweat is odorless. The typical sweat smell only arises when bacteria start breaking down the sweat on your skin. This process is mainly taking place in the armpits which contain a lot of sweat glands, but your feet can also smell unpleasantly cheesy.

I don’t like unpleasant smells either and am very sensitive to odor. This has been the case since I was little. I can smell certain things from far away where others don’t even notice it. My hyper-sensitive nose, so to speak. My daughter and people who know me well know this about me. For example, at my restaurant, I used to be able to smell all the way from the kitchen who had just entered the dining room or where my then-husband had been because I smelled his friends’ perfume. 🙈

But what do I use? Aha! Now it comes! I use a… soap. But not just any soap but OY Deo Wash. I learned about it a few years ago and especially how to use it correctly and it was developed by pharmacist Inge Louf. I love it so much that I not only use it daily but I also dedicated a whole piece to it in my book “Walk Yourself Slim and Happy”. This is a product that has really proven to be an incredibly big help to many in gaining more confidence. So at the front of a tube of OY it rightly says, “bottled confidence.” And the claim they make is absolutely true! OY tackles the bacteria of your skin without disrupting your skin microbiome. You stay nice and fresh all day without a perfume smell while maintaining your own personal perfume that doesn’t smell at all if you control the bacteria. Those white streaks when you put on a nice black dress for that party that you still have trouble getting off and then sweat like a pig? Nope, you just don’t have those anymore. Also those dirty, yellow circles in the armpit of white T-shirts or that nice shirt or blouse? Gone with the wind or rather gone with OY.

OY lets you sweat freely and so your body retains its natural cooling mechanism and detoxification. If you still want dry armpits for a certain occasion you can use it in combination with such an antiperspirant but I still advocate not to do that or to opt for a body powder as above. For a healthy body but also a fresh body make sure you drink enough! If you drink enough water then your sweat will be less concentrated and you won’t smell as strong. Read more HERE about what water I recommend for your health.

OY has truly turned the deo world completely upside down. The use alone can be called unique. You take about a half to 1 inch of the product on your finger and rub it nicely all over the armpit. Rub it out nicely so it really covers the entire armpit and make sure you go far enough and thus beyond just the place where your armpit hair is. Leave the product on for at least a minute. I always leave it on longer while I floss and brush my teeth which is almost 4 to 5 minutes in total. Then in the shower I lightly wet my armpit so the product turns into an emulsion. Before I rinse it off I also use it as the perfect shaving soap. Perfectly smooth shaved armpits and I NEVER suffer from ingrown hairs or irritation again but soft, moisturized armpits. (plus!!!) I rinse the product off with water (don’t use soap!!!) and then I gently pat my armpits dry. No sticky mess, no more streaks, no feeling that there is something “on” my skin because you just rinse it away!

OY Deo Wash and the scrub for the feet contain 96% natural ingredients of plant origin along with active ingredients that provide the antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal action. Excellent deo effect without mess on your skin. Your pores are also es deeply cleaned which contributes to a beautiful armpit skin and beautiful feet.

REVOLUTIONAIRY is that OY is a rinse-off product, not a leave-on and therefore cannot clog your pores. Absolutely AWESOME.

The impact on the environment was also considered because all the ingredients in this soap are biodegradable and because the product is so concentrated you need very little of it and there are fewer trucks with deo bottles on the road. Because your clothes stay fresh too, and you really notice that!!!, your clothes smell as good as no longer of sweat and that is particularly useful for all those beautiful sweaters and fine fabrics that you wear and that you prefer not to wash too much. Your clothes stay beautiful longer and you have to wash less. If you start with OY, I do recommend that you rinse your previously worn clothes in the wash process with a large coffee bag of cheap vinegar on the rinse cycle. (Especially with synthetic clothes like your sports outfit this rinsing with vinegar really helps. 1000 times better than all the expensive products in the supermarket.

It is very important for a good result that you use the product correctly and every day. Consistency also here is the key message, and like with my walking exercise method the secret to success. You will also notice after some time with faithful daily use  that if you would forget it on a given day then even then you have much less sweat smell!

To thank you for reading all the way to the end of this blog post, you get a 10% discount on the OY website with code oyfris

SUMMARY: OY is the perfect deodorant for me without all the inconveniences and unhealthy side effects. It is also highly recommended for those who work with my method from my book on their way to a slimmer line and optimal health. So you’ll be nice and fresh even after your brisk lunch walk.

My name is Lies Helsloot and I call myself the first TAKE YOU TIME-Expert. I am the author of 2 health books (“Walk yourself slim & happy. How taking more steps can change your life” (English translation of the Dutch best-seller book coming soon spring 2022!) and “The Complete Guide to healthy Hair”), I blog here at takeyoutime.com and coach individual clients, groups and companies around the world towards a happy, healthy life and more work-life balance with my concept of TAKE YOU TIME. For more motivation and free trainings and challenges sign up for the newsletter on this site and follow me on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube


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