The importance of a good hairdresser.

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Why a hairdresser is so important.

If you have ever had a bad haircut or colour, you probably already know that a good hairdresser is worth its weight in gold. You need to trust him or her to take good care of your hair and to make sure that your hairstyle makes you look good.

But how do you get to find a good hairdresser that won’t ruin your healthy hair?

7 important things to watch when choosing a hairdresser

Number 1:

Have a look at the stylist: what is the condition of their own hair? If have seen hairstylists with really damaged hair, which always makes me a bit scared about how they are going to treat my hair.

Number 2:

It’s the products they work with: do they use a brand of hair care products that will really be gentle of your hair? Do they use less harmful coloring products, a good brand of shampoo and conditioner? Good products cost more then cheap ones, but are usually better for you hair. Talk about it and pay attention to what they are saying.

Number 3:

Talk to people about this particular salon. Do they look great? Is their hair looking healthy? Is how they look what you are looking for?

Number 4:

A good hairdresser listens to you, and I mean really listens. In the past I often left the salon with a hairstyle I really didn’t want, that didn’t suite me and which was not at all what I had asked for. I then went home and put my hair in a ponytail and kept it like that until it grew out and was ready for another salon. A waste of money!

If you only want them to cut off a maximum of an inch, well, then they shouldn’t cut off more then you feel comfortable with.

However a good hair stylist might want to convince you of another look, which could be a good thing as well. I always look at clients from that salon who had a make-over to see if that stylist really has a gift to make people more beautiful instead of giving them a look that doesn’t match their true personality.

Number 5:

A good hairdresser will go gentle on the heat. I hate it when they almost “burn” your scalp when brushing or pulling extremely hard. This is absolutely horrifying on your follicles and skin.

Number 6:

A good one will be honest and tell you that coloring every week or 2 weeks is not good for your hair. They will put you above the money.

Number 7:

Hygiene: clean and neat? When the salon is clearly full of hair from the 10 customers that came before you this doesn’t give me a good feeling about their overall hygiene standards. A quality salon should be clean to ensure hygienic treatments.


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