how to get rid of cellulite and fluid retention


Reducing Cellulite fluid retention. How do you do that best? What is the best solution for that? Well it’s a combination of several factors that I explain in this article and yes, walking is one of them along with SOLIDEA’s fantastic massage leggings. Read on to know all my tips to reduce cellulite and fluid retention.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is usually seen on legs, buttocks and the abdomen but some people also suffer from it on the arms. The problem lies in changes in the fat cells and connective tissue present: as your fat cells get bigger they push up your skin, so to speak, locally, giving you those bubbles and bulges popularly called orange skin.Cellulite, however, is not cellulite, which is a serious skin condition and a bacterial infection with painfully red and swollen skin accompanied by pain and fever. I am talking here only about cellulite the annoying aesthetic problem. First of all I want to make clear that everyone can suffer from it and also that it is something very normal and feminine. I also have it in spite of having a healthy and active lifestyle in which walking is one of the main pillars. It occurs at any age but especially in women because we have more fat mass than women, which is hormonal and makes us typically round and soft. I have noticed in my practice and in myself that hormonal changes such as the contraceptive pill, pregnancy, hormonal fluctuations and menopause cause you to suffer more. This is often due to the retention of more fluid which only aggravates the problem.

The role of lifestyle and cellulite and fluid retention

Cellulite is also partly genetically determined but you can already bring a lot of relief with your lifestyle. If you follow my method from the book “Walk yourself slim and happy” you are already on the right track since walking is particularly effective in slimming, getting rid of waste products and tightening your buttocks and legs. Then make sure you have a life pattern without smoking, alcohol with, healthy food and not too much unnecessary table salt or MSG’s (those horrible flavorings) then you give your body an extra boost and you tackle cellulite but also your overall health thoroughly.

Also make sure you drink enough water and regularly drink herbal tea, this will help to remove waste.

Extra help and tips to get rid of cellulite and fluid retention

Many people reach for anti-cellulite creams to fight the problem and yes, that can partly help if you choose the more expensive, better products. Also, a treatment at a beauty salon can definitely help.

My secret for years has been the SOLIDEA brand!

Massage leggings to get rid off cellulite and fluid retention.

I bought my first massage leggings from SOLIDEA several years ago: the Silver Wave. My first one was a skin-colored legging up to the ankle. I was quite skeptical of it and it wasn’t cheap either. I had also tried other brands including LANAFORM and those pants from on buy TV. I found LANAFORM terrible to wear, you could not wear under your normal clothes and you sweat yourself to death and they stank awful. They did give some effect but not what I had hoped for. The ones from Purchase Television were really garbage, looked cheap and didn’t do their job. Again, a waste of money.

Until I tried SOLIDEA Silver Wave as the ultimate attempt. And what a difference! Not only are they beautiful, they fit well, they have no odor and are even anti-bacterial and most importantly, THEY DO THEIR JOB! IYou will see that after wearing them you will have wavy ridges on your skin which shows that the pants are doing their job: a wavy massage movement from bottom to top that massages all the waste and excess water out of your buttocks and legs. I wear them when sitting at my desk, when traveling by plane and on long car rides but especially when doing chores in and around the house and of course when going for my daily walks following my method on walking.

If you wear the leggings while exercising and walking you will have a double effect! You can really see after wearing them that your legs are slimmer and you also notice during the day that they drain your body and lymphatic waste because you have to pee noticeably more! I wear them under dresses, pants and just like that for walking or during my workouts. Make sure that if you wear them just like that you wear a long t-shirt or sweater on top because they are a bit transparent at the buttock area. OR, you wear a larger pair of panties under them, which I do sometimes as well.

I am completely convinced and have made many ladies happy with advising them to try them out. To give you the chance to try this brand out, I asked SOLIDEA for a discount code for all my followers! With code TAKEYOUTIME you can get a temporary discount of:

– 20% on your first order (minimum 59€) if you create an account on the site

– 10% on all your subsequent orders in your account

(Tip: is the code expired? Contact me via the contact page here on takeyoutime.com and check if there might be another promotion going on!)

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