How to celebrate International Podcast day? Podcast interview with Anna Liebel

How to celebrate international podcast day.Podcast interview with Anna Liebel

How to celebrate international podcast day. Podcast interview with Anna Liebel

How to celebrate International Podcast day? Well, a podcast interview with Anna Liebel, Mindshifter. Today, Friday September 30 it appears to be “international Podcast day”. I guess one day we will run out of days to celebrate stuff. But, celebrating is always a good thing in my opinion. So what better way to celebrate this day then to talk about my podcast interview I did early this month with my friend and client Anna Liebel, Mindshifter?

The podcast with Anna Liebel

During the podcast we did live on her instagram channel #anna.liebel we talked about the work I did with her on my TAKE YOU TIME method and the results she had after working with me. We went deep into the biggest breakthroughs she had working with me like seeing herself as she really is where we worked on body image which is a thing I see a lot when working with women (and more and more with men as well). She was also over-obsessed with numbers and she kept track of her steps, work-outs, food,.. in a way that was even overwhelming me as a health coach. 😉 The time she was my client was a very intense time for her but when you hear her talking about it you will see that getting out of your comfort zone in life and working with a coach to help you with that does pay off. It can be life changing.

Listen to this podcast on your next walk.

Listening to a podcast on your daily walk is definitely a way to celebrate International Podcast Day and you will also work on one of the 7 pillars in my method of TAKE YOU TIME which is the MOVE-pillar. This pillar focusses on the power of moving to get out of your head and boost your mental and physical health. It is one of the things I do for myself on an everyday basis: working out and growing on a personal level with invigorating, energising and uplifting content for business and life.

Who is Anna Liebel?

Anna calls herself a personal motivator and development strategist. She is specialised in giving you a  confidence boost to get going with something you have been long thinking about. All of this in order to create a happier, more balanced and efficient you! She is not a mental coach, not a personal trainer (that is my department 😜) and not a career consultant. But she uses techniques from all these professions to assist her clients in identifying their true goals, deciding on optimal ways to reach the goals, and finding the tools that help on this exciting journey.

Pussy power…

At the end we also talk about pussy power…. haha, two women in business talking about pussy power. So make sure you stick till the end of the podcast.

You can find the podcast with Anna Liebel, Mindshifter HERE so Enjoy! And now you als know “How to celebrate international podcast day.”

And if you are curious about some other podcasts I featured in: check the rest of my blog and my social media channels.


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