How long can your hair grow?


When I was young I always had butt-long hair with no trouble (see picture), while some of my friends were never able to reach this length. I always wondered why.

Human hair grows to a certain genetically defined length. Lucky for us nature has set a certain maximum length for hair on different body parts. It would be kind of awkward to walk around with super long eyebrows or having to braid your nose hair, wouldn’t it?

World’s longest hair

Head hair can grow the longest length and the maximum length is different for everyone. The person holding the world record in long hair, named in the Guinness Book of Records is the Chinese Xie Qiuping who was able to grow her hair up to 5.627 meters (18 feet, 5.54 inches). She started growing her hair from the age of thirteen. These kind of cases are rather exceptional, but they do happen.

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