How fast can your hair grow?


How fast can your hair grow?

This is one of the most asked questions during my lectures! Especially from teenagers and often their moms. There are so many crazy videos on youtube from vloggers who claim that with their tips you can grow your hair 1 to 2 centimeters overnight. And unfortunately too many people believe those cray ideas that are going around on the internet. Even my own daughter questions my statement that this is total rubbish. This is the reason why I write this article and want to share with you some myths and facts about hairgrowth.

Some facts and myths.

  • Head hair grows about 0.35 millimeter (0.014 inches) a day or 12 to 15 centimeters (4.7 to 6 inches) a year.
  • Age, hormones and health condition determine how fast your hair grows. When you look at young children in their growing phase, they have hair that grows litterally as fast as a cabbage. Reason? They produce more growth hormone which is being produced in the brain in the anterior pituitary gland.
  • Growing your hair faster is possible when you are experiencing slower hair growth due to one or more health problems. But it is better to focus on growing healthy, strong and shiny hair then trying to beat nature.
  • Is your hair growing slower than the average rate? Then it might be time to get a health check and check your nutrition plan.
  • Trimming your hair every month does not speed up hair growth. It will however help you to have healthy looking hair without split ends.
  • Supplements do support hair growth. Especially vitamin C, B-vitamins (biotin!), MSM and silicium. They work wonders for my hair, nails and also my skin! But get good, high quality supplements! I’ve been buying them at Life Extension for years. Use this code at checkout to get 5% off on their website. (Code: 60234483) When taking silicium a high absorbing formula is crucial otherwise it is money down the drain. Read my other article on this to know more about this important mineral and why everyone needs it. I am a devoted fan of the brand Silix which has a special formula for hair, skin and nails. I used to take Dexsil or Biosil but the results are way better with Silix! And their formula also tastes good where Biosil makes me wanna throw up cause it smells and tastes horrible.
  • Doing headstand promotes blood flow to the scalp, improving circulation and bringing oxygen – and nutrient rich blood to the hair follicles. I do my headstands everyday on my feetup-chair (feetup.nl), but taking a yoga class is also a great idea! Wat ook helpt is omgekeerd gaan hangen op een inversie-tafel/toestel zoals de Kettler Apollo Inversion Table which I use to relieve my lower back pain but as a bonus it is also great for hair and my face.
  • Scalp massage: also a great circulation booster! You can do it at your desk or in the shower when working in your favourite shampoo. Soooo relaxing!

Too much stress can slow down hair growth and even make you lose it! That was a major cause of my hair problems. More on taming stress under one of the other blog posts.


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