Healthy hair snacks on-the-go


A healthy on-the-go snack for your hair.

You probably already know that nuts and seeds are a good source of hair supporting vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. But sometimes eating them just as they are can become a little boring. So here are a couple of my favourite brands that make snacking on nuts and seeds a tasty experience. Some of them unfortunately are currently not available in Belgium, but when I travel I stock up on all of my favourites.

My favourites are:

  • Blue Diamond – Lightly Salted almonds or Wasabi and Soy sauce flavour
  • ROO’bar: Hemp & Chia, Chia & Chocolate, Chia & Coconut (containing chia seeds which are very high in omega 3)
  • Bounce Coconut Macadamia Protein Energy Ball (Macadamia’s are rich in selenium, zinc, iron, B-vitamins,…
  • Kind bars (a good alternative for an unhealthy snack, although some of them do contain glucose syrup, so check the label and choose the one without)
  • Chia pudding: more and more health food places offer this super healthy, filling and tasty snack providing you with your daily portion of omega 3)
  • Longevity bar with almonds. By “Food for the immortals”: Soooo Yummie!
  • Metabolism 4 Life bars developed by Haylie Pomroy

Enjoy your snack!

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