Healthy fats and your hair

Healthy fats and your hair.

Nourishing your hair with an oil treatment is a real treat to keep your manes strong and shiny, but did you know that eating healthy fats is also very important? Especially chosing omega 3-rich fats are important allies in keeping your skin and hair soft, supple and hydrated. Also their anti-inflammatory properties have the ability to heal your body and your hair.

Eating too much omega 3-poor fats like sunflower oil and especially transfats, that unfortunately are still in many food products, you are doing the opposite: they promote inflammatory reactions, making your skin look dull and wrinkly, slow hair growth and are ageing your hair and body.

Eating the proper fats will nourish your hair from the inside making it grow stronger and making it look shiny. It also sooths an itchy, dry or flaky scalp.

Since our bodies are unable to synthesize omega 3- fatty acids themselves, we have to include them in our food. Include them in your nutrition plan or take a good quality supplement to ensure your daily intake.

You can get them from natural food sources like walnuts, fatty fish, krill-oil, chia-seed, flax- and hemp seeds,… You can also make it a habit to take a daily spoon of hemp or flax oil. If you don’t like the taste, then you can blend it through a smoothie or use it in your salad dressing.

Good supplements can be found with brands like: Life Extension, Minami Nutrition, Nutrisan, Nataos.


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