Color me bad, color me beautiful


Is coloring your hair bad for you?

Well, yes and no. Coloring every now and then to freshen up your own color or to give it some highlights to make you look fresh is not a bad thing. It is important however that you choose a good hairdresser who works with excellent hair coloring products.

A color specialist

He or she knows what is best for you and will work with products that are the least harmful for your hair. I prefer to have my hair colored by a professional and don’t do it myself anymore, since I go with the phrase “every man to his own trade”. In order to set a new colour in your hair, your hair needs to undergo a chemical process where the hair cuticles are being opened so that hair color pigments can get into the hair. The cuticles then need to be closed again to fix the color and smooth the hair again. This process still requires certain chemicals which are necessary to assure a lasting color result. Using ammoniac is still the most common way to do that and has the best professional results. Even when the package says “ammoniac free” some chemical product is needed to fix color and often it is also an ammoniac- related derivate. So natural in this case is not always that natural.

A good brand

One of the best and most natural brands in my opinion is the Swedish brand ‘Maria Nila’, they have excellent salon quality hair coloring. I have to say that I am tempted to try one of their home coloring products from the range ‘color refresh’ to freshen-up my own color in between salon visits or to try a crazy colour for a special occasion. More on this temptation in one of the next blogs…

My personal tips for coloring:

  • team-up with a good hairdresser
  • don’t change color every week (leave a couple of weeks in between)
  • nourish your hair with special products
  • brush gently with a good brush to smooth out the cuticles
  • reduce heat styling with a flat iron
  • let your hair dry naturally

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