Dry shampoo for a quick fix


If you are a busy person just like me, you probably know what I am talking about when I describe a busy morning routine getting yourself, your pet, your kids,… ready for the day ahead. And then in the middle of the morning rush you take one last look in the mirror and sigh: “ oh no …, my hair looks really greasy and I have no time to wash, help!” That is when a smart ally can come to the rescue: dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo: my life saver

But make sure you pick a good brand and learn how to apply it. My favourite brands that I keep in my car or gymbag are Klorane and MoroccanOil. They have excellent dry shampoo formulas and even cater their products to dark and lighter hair colours to avoid the “white look” that formulas from the old days had. They are also easy on-the-go.

How to useSpray-on formula’s

  • really easy to apply
  • shake well
  • spray a couple of spritzes onto the greasy roots of your hair
  • work in like shampoo
  • Let it sit for 2 minutes to absorb the grease (1 minute works fine when you are extremely time bound)
  • brush out any excess product with a high quality natural boar bristle hairbrush.

Powder formula’s

At home I prefer to go completely natural and organic using a natural powder from Dr. HauschkaSilk body Powder’. To use this I rub a bit of powder between my palms and then follow the same routine as above.

Off you go with fresh, deliciously smelling hair.

Extra benefits

Dry shampoo can give you that little extra volume and oomph, for me with my fine hair, an easy way to voluminous hair.


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