Is your desk making you FAT?


Having a hard time getting and staying at a healthy body weight? Blame it on the desk! Our bodies are not made to sit all day. We are made of joints, muscles, tendons, … and they need to get moving. Sitting behind your desk or with a fancy word “sedentary lifestyle” is one of the culprits why so many of us are healthy and fit. Being un-fit makes us very vulnerable at the workplace especially in these challenging times where our world is going through a pandemic that has his effects on our economy. I want you to be ready for what is coming in the world of business and for that you need to be in your best shape. I do not want to scare you but when this pandemic further impacts our economy and results in layoffs, you have to be in your best shape to address this and either keep your job or find a new one fast. Studies show that people who are fit and look healthy are selected above those who are not. And that is only logical since employers value healthy employees, therefore they will most likely want to hire healthy people to add to their team. It is hard but is the sad truth.  But keep on reading because I can help you even when you are working from home, when you have a busy life like I do, when you feel you are constantly keeping 1000 plates spinning, juggling work, career and your life. 

FACT: Employers hire healthy people.

A healthy lifestyle gives you that energetic glow that attracts people to you and makes an employer want to hire you. You radiate trust, energy and confidence when your posture and expression show your health and happiness.  You probably know that first impressions make a difference in your networking and interviews, but do you know what it takes to make a good first impression? These are some things employers notice:

  • Confident, relaxed posture showing that your abs are strong enough to hold you upright
  • a healthy, relaxed, genuine, naturally white smile
  • a positive vibe radiating from you
  • healthy skin and a healthy glow
  • a healthy body weight
  • how you smell (do you still smell like the hamburger you just had? A healthy person smells naturally good…)
  • how you breathe: are you out of breath talking because of poor fitness level?
  • your handshake: is it firm and powerful?
  • your social media profile: does it show your healthy lifestyle or the opposite?

Your lifestyle choices greatly impact these factors employers evaluate. And you are the only one who can make them work out in favour for you to help you get that job, keep that job or advance in the workplace. Keep on reading on how to achieve that…

Why is your desk making you fat?

There are several reasons why you can blame your desk or your job for gaining those extra pounds.
  • if you commute by car you will have no exercise going back and forth
  • having a busy schedule makes you pick quick unhealthy, processed snacks and meals in between because they are so convenient
  • Being busy gives you an excuse to skip exercise…
  • at work you are glued to your desk till you go home slowing down your metabolism and making you gain even more weight
  • coming home (late) you are exhausted and instead of getting some exercise you take a ready-made comfort meal and watch TV
  • stress at work throws your body and hormones out of balance making you gain weight and especially visceral fat
  • you “need” that glass of wine to unwind adding extra calories

I know that many of us are stuck in these kind of unhealthy, sedentary patterns and that it is hard to get unstuck… but there is help on the way…

What can you do about it?

In order to reverse that weight gain process you will have to embrace a new, less sedentary lifestyle. But now I hear you sigh: “I know that but I am so busy! It is impossible for me to go to the gym. I don’t know where to start to change my diet and I certainly do not have time to be in the kitchen for hours to do a lot of meal-prep.” I know how busy I am and I think I know how busy you are. So I understand! So why am I able to get it done, be healthy and fit and keep my healthy weight easily? It is because I have created a lifestyle that fitted my busy life. I have molded it into what I needed and what worked for me. After years of testing I realised I could also help others with my healthy life-formula and help them to be naturally free from weight! And it is SO easy and simple. I went back to the roots and found out we make it way to complicated. I started testing my method on some volunteers and expanded this into a program that has worked for my clients. I am happy to share some secrets with you for free in my upcoming private workshop I will be hosting on facebook. If you want to get in then follow this link to facebook to join the FREE 5-DAY WORKSHOP Natural Weight Freedom. My tips can help you BIG TIME in getting in shape for the rat race at work and to embrace a simple healthy lifestyle that will free you from all the crazy diets and hours at the gym.
If you have any questions me and my team will happily get back to you. I really hope to welcome you in the group. You have nothing to lose except for those extra pounds you want get rid off.

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