Natural remedies to fight of the coronavirus


It is official: government officials have declared the Coronavirus to be the next worldwide pandemic. Thousands of people, mostly in China and Asia, have already contracted the virus. And it is spreading throughout the world. Currently in Europe and also my beloved country of Belgium governments are taking serious action to fight the virus. Beautiful Italy even has some areas in lockdown. With no known cure for this virus, researchers are working around the clock to find a solution to treat those with this potentially deadly infection. Virologists warn us not to panic since not everyone that is infected with the virus shows symptoms and dead occurs mostly in people that are already sick, have a weakened immune system and elderly people.

As with all diseases and disasters I tend not to panic but instead I look for natural ways to protect me and my family. So I encourage people and doctors to be more focused on the things people can do to avoid contracting the disease. And there are many natural ways to ward of this and also other viruses.

Naturopathic physicians are combatting this epidemic by using natural, immune system stimulating approaches rather than chemicals created in the lab that only serve to suppress our immune systems.

Conventional medicine is there to help you when no natural cure is strong enough anymore and for that I am grateful that it exists and wouldn’t hesitate to take that approach in a life threatening situation for me or my daughter. But I always look into natural solutions first to cure any disease.

The best way to fight off the coronavirus and any illness or virus in general is living a healthy lifestyle where a strong immune system can create a strong frontier to hold back many different infections. An exercise regimen that combines cardio and strengthening as well as a healthy diet is an integral part to create a strong immune system.

A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats while avoiding processed foods, (refined) sugar and transfats creates an immune system ready for whatever the world throws at us and it makes sure our bodies can protect themselves from these aggressive viruses.

To further support your immune system I have some more tricks up my sleeve to get that extra superpower protection. I want to share them with you:

  1. Vitamin C and Zinc

In the cold and virus season I take more vitamin C than usual. Up to 5 tablets a day of LifeExtension’s Vitamin C and Bio-Quercetin Phytosome. I spread them throughout the day. Vitamin C is not stored in your body and you need a steady stream of it in your body to ward of viruses.

Zinc is your other weapon to fight of viruses as it makes your mucous membranes, especially in the nose, less prone to infection. I use Life Extension’s “Zinc Lozenges” or from the brand Natural Energy: Zinc Extra” or “Immuno Complex” .

A treatment to consider that you may not have heard of is to go for intravenous dosages of immune system boosting vitamins such as vitamin C, selenium, zinc,… these nutrients get absorbed right into the blood stream and provide maximum immune system benefits and protection both treating and preventing many infections.

Personally I have not gone that way yet but wouldn’t hesitate in case of a severe, possible life-treathening disease.

  1. A quality multi-vitamin

Also from Life Extension I am a big fan of their “Mix Capsules”. Their multi-vitamin formula is a state-of-the-art multi-nutrient formula, packed with the purest and most potent and unique forms of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, extracted from a wide range of vegetables, fruit, and botanicals.

The unparalleled formula and ingredients in Life Extension Mix™ are based on more than 35 years of clinical research. They have selected the purest and most potent forms of extracts from plants, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients for greater absorption. I have been a fan for many years! As I also take some other supplements and do not want to overdose I limit my intake to 5 capsules a day. If you prefer tablets: they have them as well. Also you can go for a copper-free formula of a Children’s formula if you have kids.

Please feel free to use this discount code for a 5% discount on their website! I only support products I use myself and I also buy them myself. Just that you know my recommendation is genuine. Use this code: 60234483. Link to their website here.

  1. Garlic and onions

The taste good AND they fight of disease. Use more garlic and onions in your daily meals either raw or cooked. Raw garlic added to your meal is a super powerful way to fight of viruses. I once heard this Indian naturopath say the following about the smell of garlic, I am so sorry I do not remember who she was. It was something like: “People in western countries rather get sick than smell of garlic… I do not understand why…”. If anyone knows who said this, please let me know!

  1. Essential oils

The right mix of essential oils is a very powerful weapon! I always have them with me especially when I travel! I do not wanna know what viruses dance around in the air in an airplane or big buildings!!! AAAH!

I am a HUGE fan of Pranarom Aromaforce with Ravintsara, Lavender, Eucalyptus, mint, tea tree, clove,…: I take 2 drops 3 times a day directly on my tongue and then drink some water to wash it down. It has a strong taste but it is absolutely worth it. If you want you can also take it on a spoon with some honey. You can also vaporize it with a diffuser to clean the air or use it to disinfect your hands. For me this mix is essential in my fight against catching colds, stomach flues and viruses! I swear by it!

If you like a handy spray then I recommend Puressentiel Purifying Air Spray with a patented mix of 41 essential oils. They also have a hand gel and spray for your hands.

Warning: check with your doctor if you can use essential oils! Pregnant women and babies must be cautious! Check with your health advisor.

  1. Probiotics

More and more research shows that a healthy gut is extremely important to be healthy and fit and it plays an important role in your immunity. Our western lifestyle and unhealthy eating destroys our natural, healthy gut (micro)biome which is made up of a rich and varied range of microbes. This can lead to a variety of illnesses, mood swings, weight problems on how active your immune system is. I do urge you to read Dr. Michael Mosley’s  “The clever guts diet”! You can support your gut system by eating a healthy Mediterranean diet with fresh produce, fatty fish, nuts and seeds, olive oil (!), high quality cacao, herbs and spices in abundance ranging from Mediterranean herbs (oregano, basil,…) to Asian spices like Turmeric, ginger, cumin, coriander,… and do not forget healthy fibres that are to be found in garlic and onions (yep here they are again!), bananas, oats, flaxseeds,…

And if you want to add extra power I do recommend to add probiotics in the form of yoghurt, fermented foods (sauerkraut, kefir, kimchi,…). You can also take a high quality supplement from brands like B+Pharma (Orgitan Care or Orgitan Immunity) or Florassist from Life Extension. A lot more people could benefit from this than you might think. But start with the healthy diet first!

  1. Daily habits

Some simple daily habits also will help you:

  • Thoroughly wash your hands several times a day, especially when you have been shaking hands or when you have been in a public place (toilet, bus, train,…)
  • Use a disinfectant handspray or gel
  • Wear gloves on public transport, change them daily and give them a good wash
  • Stay away from sick people
  • Do not stand to close in times of virus threats
  • Stay away from public places if you do not really need to be there
  • Air the rooms at home and at work: fresh outside air: open the windows!
  • Get exercise preferably in the outside air
  • Take cold showers and if you can: ice baths: I recommend The Wim Hof Method! This is a boost for your immune system!
  • Do not touch your face with unwashed hands as that may bring viruses to your mouth and nose
  • Drink a lot of water and herbal teas

I Hope I have given you some valuable tips here to keep you and your loved ones safe! Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have questions. And check out this blog for more articles that might interest you. You can subscribe to my newsletter to get more free tips!

Keep healthy! Big hug from Belgium… or maybe not this time 😉

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