The benefits of coconut oil for your hair.


The benefits of coconut oil for your hair.

Coconut oil has become very popular over the last couple of years. Not only in the kitchen where it is being used as a healthier alternative for deep-frying, baking and as a butter-sustitute., but also for natural body and hair care. This oil has a lot of health benefits and as a food it is being praised for:

  • supporting your body’s immune system: anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungi,…
  • Keeping optimal blood sugar levels
  • Being easy to digest
  • not immediately getting stored as body fat like other fats because the oil is being processed by the liver which turns the oil into energy instead of body fat.

Benefits for your hair and more.

This oil contains healthy fats which are being called MFCA’s, medium chain fatty acids, like caprylic, lauric and capric acid. It is called a healthy saturated fat. It also has very powerful anti-oxidant capacities, which are beneficial in the fight against skin ageing and therefore also against hair loss and thinning because when used topically provide for a healthy scalp, the basis of healthy growing hair.

Coconut oil is not only a healthy staple in your kitchen, but it is the perfect and clean solution for your beauty routine. You can use the oil to nourish and protect your lips, moisturize dry hands, clean your teeth (oil pulling) and it can also be used on your hair.

To use it as a hair treatment you can either use it to deeply nourish your hair by using it in a hair mask, but there are also ways to apply it sparingly on a daily basis.

What to look for when buying coconut oil

To enjoy the benefits, be sure to always check the label and go for:

  • organic
  • extra virgin quality
  • cold pressed
  • not refined, so it keeps it distinct smell and taste

Two recipes for a coconut hair treatment.

Deeply nourishing hair treatment:

Depending on the thickness and length of your hair, apply one or more tablespoons of oil. When using a natural, organic and unrefined coconut oil, the oil will be solidified when at room temperature. To make it liquified you can simply warm it up between your palms. Massage the oil from scalp to ends and let it sit overnight or for as long as possible. Then shampoo with a gentle shampoo and condition as usual.

Daily hair care:

As always with oils: less is more. Always start with rubbing a small dot of oil between your palms to then spread it on the tips and the lower ends of the hair. This will tame frizz and protect the hair. Using coconut oil everyday is less suitable for fine hair types like mine, but if you are lucky to carry heavy curls or African-American (afro) hair, go for it!

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