Caudalie Premier Cru Review

Caudalie Premier Cru Review

A Caudalie Premier Cru review because this product has been relaunched in a new, even better formula! Time for a review. I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the reviewers for this amazing skincare product. And when my favorite skincare brand Caudalie launches a new product, I MUST HAVE IT! I have been using Caudalie for almost 20 years now since I first discovered the brand during a camping trip in France when I was still running my health food restaurant Avalon in downtown Ghent.  I was then about 25 years young.

On a camping trip in France to beautiful Bordeaux, I discovered the products of this brand in a pharmacy. For budgetary reasons, camping was my only form of affordable vacation because I still had a lot of loans to pay off from taking over my restaurant. So on a camping trip with a very small tent…. help. But they were always great trips with my then husband where we enjoyed a glass of good wine on a rickety camping chair and food made on a mini gas burner. Great times!

I have always been fascinated by health, sports and beauty and when traveling I always look for novelties. And so the story of my discovery of the Caudalie brand. I bought my first day cream of the brand, I think it was the Vinosource and it came in a white tube with a green cap…. and I loved it! Fortunately, I didn’t live that far from the French border so shopping at the parapharmacy in Roncq at the Auchan was thus my trip to stock up on Caudalie products. Later luckily they were also distributed by Apotheek De Pannemaeker in Burgstraat in Ghent, just around the corner from my restaurant and then home. I started with a simple day cream and gradually I had just everything of the brand. I also realized more and more the importance of the synergy of products so that I faithfully cleansed in the morning and evening, applied serum and eye cream, used toner, the fantastic spray Eau De Beauté and the day and night creams. I have super sensitive skin so it’s not just any old thing I put on it. And believe me, I already tried other brands but few passed my strict tests. I also have products from my dear friend and skin expert Kris Schoeters of Skincare Boulevard but Caudalie remains for me the base and the secret behind my beautiful skin. (Sorry, I love myself and am content with what I see in the mirror…) The story behind the brand is also so beautiful! The founder Mathilde Thomas is such a fine woman. I also read her book The French Beauty Solution where she shares her and the French beauty secrets. Really a blissful little book. I secretly hope that one day I will be able to interview her for my YouTube series Walk The Talk because this is truly an inspiring story of an enterprising woman with a brand that combines top beauty with an eye for the environment.

Meanwhile, I have aged quite a few years and will turn 45 in March but I am really super proud of my beautiful skin. My skincare routine that I followed faithfully day in and day out is now showing results. (So in the meantime I switched from the basic products to those for older skin such as the Resveratrol Lift interspersed with the Vinoperfect products (in and just after summer) and the Premier Cru line. I used the Premier Cru already a few times in a cure in the winter and then also each time all products in the range (serum, eye cream, oil, creams,…) because they are quite pricey but I was convinced in Pharmacy Mahieu in Waregem by a consultant of Caudalie Belgium to give it a chance. She explained that it was even more powerful against spots and wrinkles than the other creams. Ok, she was right! A good investment!

And now several years later after introducing that new routine a few times a year I could now test the latest version of this line. This is my Caudalie Premier Cru review of the “La Crème”:

Scent: Lovely! Very fresh and soft. Not too much perfume because I don’t like that and ‘t is also too aggressive for your skin. I would rather smell like my favorites perfume Coco Chanel than an over perfumed cream that makes my skin sensitive. So CHECK! The scent is heavenly. It reminds me of a cream my mom had on her nightstand in my childhood but I can’t remember what it was….
Texture: wonderfully soft, absorbs quickly but also nourishes enough which is what I need with my sensitive rather dry skin. You really need a very small amount. I also used toner, serum and eye cream. I also used my neck and décolleté…
effect: immediately beautiful soft skin and by the high concentration of hyaluronic acid and the so-called firming sugars I really see a difference some time after application. And this without the tugging effect of those serums to plump up your skin and make it smooth.
Makeup afterwards: very easy to apply both mineral powder and cream makeup. No sheets and streaks. Blends very well!
After a long work day and my daily 1 hour walk according to my method in my book “Walk Yourself Slender and Happy” (English version coming spring 2022) my skin is still well nourished. So SUPER! I tested it in the cold January weather and it does its job.
Jar: super that they put their products in a recyclable glass jar and that you can refill the product with a refill! It’s also a beautiful jar! My test jar still came in translucent glass but the ones I just saw at the pharmacy are beautiful purple! One of my favorite colors! So look and environment: CHECK!

The verdict: I will definitely buy this! I enjoyed writing this Caudalie Premier Cru Review. When my other jar runs out in the Resveratrol-Lift line I will buy the whole range of Premier Cru.


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