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How are you doing?

How are you doing?

How are you doing? That’s the question I’m asking you today. Why? Well because I asked myself the same question today when I went for a long walk to quiet my head and heart. On my route I always meet someone who knows me and today was no different. I crossed someone on my walking route and they asked me, “hey, are you okay?”. To which I replied, “yeah, yeah, all good and you?”. It was a brief greeting after which I continued on my way. But wait… everything all right? No, all is not well today because I have …

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Review Solidea Be You Icon leggings

Review Solidea Be You Icon leggings Time for another review of a product that will make your life a lot healthier and more beautiful. We are early February and since the end of December I have been testing a new product from the brand Solidea: the Solidea Be You Icon leggings. I took the leggings on vacation at the fine hotel Kastenholz in the beautiful German, Eifel region. One of my favorite places for a few days away with rest, beauty treatments and of course long walks in nature. That vacation was the ideal time to test out a new …

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digital detox

Digital detox

Digital detox. Yes, I admit it: social media and my smartphone occupy a big place in my life. I record my videos for social media through my smartphone, I post my content online, I check your comments on instagram and facebook daily, and I’m aware that without social media, you probably would never have found me. But that doesn’t mean that I let it take over my life. In my work with clients, removing excessive stimuli is a very important part that not only creates more peace but also a sea of time and because there are a lot less …

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