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Rommel in je voeding E nummers


Yep: reading labels on food isn’t always so simple. And what does it all mean? Flavor enhancers, sweeterners, E-numbers, preservatives, colorings,… All have an impact on our health AND they cause weight problems. That’s what I’m discussing today in this blog. The reason why I’m touching on this subject is that all the junk in our food not only makes us unhealthy but can also be one of the possible reasons why you just can’t lose weight or gain unwanted pounds. As a golden rule I always tell my clients that the less it says on the label, the better it …



Walking for productivity & well-being at work

The health consequences of poor activity levels are very high leading to: heart problems, being overweight, diabetes, sleep problems, poor immunity, … and so on and we all know that these are factors that lead to more absence at work.Our world is suffering from sitting disease. The average entrepreneur or office worker gets in between 3000 to 5000 steps a day! And why? Because we are busy and because we want to get more work done. Actually this way of thinking is in fact counterproductive for both your productivity levels AND it also will seriously compromise your level of wellbeing in the workplace and in life in general.