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Put your feet up!

Putting your feet up after a long day to watch a movie from your comfortable seat is not what I mean with “put your feet up”. When I say that it means it is time to

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How long can your hair grow?

When I was young I always had butt-long hair with no trouble (see picture), while some of my friends were never able to reach this length. I always wondered why.

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The stages of hair growth

Did you ever wonder: “How does my hair grow?” Well I find it kind of exciting to know all these “hairy” facts, because they helped me to understand my own hair problems.

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Interview on the Ed Tyll Show!

What your hair reveals about your health and the importance of brushing your hair. Lies Helsloot was being interviewed by radiohost Ed Tyll on The Ed Tyll show…

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Be gentle on wet hair

Wet hair looks longer. That is because your hair strands absorb water making it more elastic. When wet, it is very prone to breaking. So be very gentle on wet hair and avoid overcombing.

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