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Is your desk making you FAT?

Having a hard time getting and staying at a healthy body weight? Blame it on the desk! Our bodies are not made to sit all day. We are made of joints, muscles, tendons, … and they need to get moving. Sitting behind your desk or…

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Walk with me!

Go walking with me during these challenging corona-times. Walking has so many benefits! I will share a tip everyday!

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Hair Problems during menopause and perimenopause

During Menopause you can suffer from Hair Loss. While menopause is a natural biological process, it is also one of the most life-changing stages of life. Women will experience hot flushes, insomnia and sometimes hair loss. If you want to find solutions to fix hair problems and hair loss then this articles gives you tips on vitamins, methods, hormone treatment, … to help you stay beautiful at any age!

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Better digestion… Better Hair!

If we are struggling with digestive problems, our body finds it difficult to absorb the necessary vitamins and minerals. A shortage of essential vitamins shows in the condition of our hair.

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