Be gentle on wet hair


Be gentle on wet hair

Wet hair looks longer. That is because your hair strands absorb water making it more elastic. So when wet, your hair is very prone to breakage! To safeguard your hair you have to be very gentle on wet hair: avoid overcombing and use the right products and tools: 5 tips to get your started…

Five do’s of caring for wet hair

1. Brush your hair with a quality brush before you wash it. Also do this when you have curly or African-American (Afro) hair. This will reduce the need for detangling in the shower when your hair is wet and very fragile. Just find a brush that matches your hair type.

2. Use a quality conditioner after your shampoo. Your hair will not need that much detangling after your shower. My favourite brands? Moroccanoil, René Furterer and Shue Uemura.

3. In the shower gently detangle your hair with your fingers when you apply conditioner.

4. Choose a high quality detangling hairbrush if you need to detangle your hair after washing. First towel dry your hair and then brush starting at the ends working your way up. The best hairbrushes for detangling without causing breakage? Check them out here.

5. Let your hair dry naturally for a while before using heat styling, so you don’t have to overheat your hair to get it to dry.


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