5 reasons walking can change your health and the world

5 reasons walking can change your health and the world

5 reasons walking can change your health and the world. It’s Random Acts Of Kindness Day in the USA but also in other places in the world and actually it’s not important whether it’s really today or any other day… what do I do on this day and how can walking change your health and the world at the same time? Well to be honest I do this every day… I start my mornings with a perfect TAKE YOU TIME-moment praying and writing my journal and being grateful. I forgive myself for not being perfect and kind towards my “mistakes”.  I pray to God (or a higher power or the Universe if you don’t feel comfortable saying the word) to guide me through my day and show me how I can best serve the world, the people around me, my pets and my clients. I even have a quote on my vision board with the prayer I almost daily recite: “Dear God, may my work be of service to the healing of the world. May it be a blessing on everyone who works for me and everyone it serves. May it both bring and attract prosperity and love. Amen” I remember I based this text on a prayer I once heard from Marianne Williamson on an audiotape or in one of her books, a woman that truly inspired my life and work. I highly recommend one of her books to anyone who wants to go deeper, I regularly listen while walking and taking my 15k steps a day (I walk the talk with my method on walking) to the audio-version of “A return to love” and “The law of divine compensation”. So what do I do today and this week? I invited my ex-mother-in-law (love her!) and my ex-husband for lunch on Saturday with my daughter Gina, I baked a fresh chocolate cake for my daughter who is working hard in school (and ate some myself 😜), I cooked up a huge batch of spaghetti sauce so I can give part to a friend of mine who currently can use some TLC in his life, I sent out some messages to some people in my network to send them love and ask what I can do for them, I smile to strangers on the street, I prayed for a friend of mine who needs all the prayers in the world to find peace again, I prayed for my friend’s cat who accidentally ate rat poison but is currently recovering, I pray for the friends and parents of my friend Anna Liebel who live in Ukraine,…

But how can walking help to heal the world? 5 reasons to show you that walking CAN change your health and the world:

  1. Studies have shown that keeping physically active through walking can improve cognitive function, memory, brain processing speed. It has also shown to lower the risk of dementia and cognitive decline. That way you will remember more of all the good things that have happened in your life and the things other people did in the past to be kind to you. And if you remember: send them a message to thank you for the love they give you.
  2. Outdoors activities like walking are one of the best ways to relieve mental distress, nothing better than walking therapy. Studies have shown it stimulates feelings of wellbeing. Daily walking also releases your body’s natural painkillers – endorphins – and reduces your chance of depression by 30%. It is also shown to help people with depression manage and recover from that dark space they are in.  Clinical evidence even suggests that it’s as effective as antidepressants or psychotherapy in treating mild or moderate depression. In my practice I have witnessed many clients that were able to get off antidepressants in cooperation with their doctor and therapist. Do you know a friend that suffers from depression? Show them your love by taking them for a walk, even if it’s only up and down the street or their driveway. It will not only get their body moving but also those thoughts in their head and heart.
  3. You’ll be looking after your heart. Taking a daily, brisk walk as recommended in my method of 1 hour of walking and 15 k steps a day you are taking care of your heart preventing heart disease so you can live longer and healthier to spread love in the world. And while you’re out there, take someone with you for double pleasure! If you want to read more on walking and longevity then read my article on it HERE
  4. It will save you money! Walking is the kind of exercise that doesn’t require a ton of cash to start with. A pair of high quality trainers or walking shoes are all that you need. So you will save a lot of money opting for walking as your daily exercise routine. More money to be kind and to give to charity or to help out a friend in need!
  5. By walking and leaving the car at home you’re helping to reduce air and noise pollution and fight climate change. Combined with cycling for longer commutes, walking is one of the most sustainable means of transport to go shopping or commute to work. Double up the effect by partnering up with a friend of colleague to walk to work or meet each other at the bus stop, get of 1 stop earlier and walk the remaining part of the way. By walking to work or back home at night you will also be more relaxed so you are a much more kinder person, colleague, friend and family member.

Every day there are so many things one can do to make this world a kinder place, walking is one of them… you don’t need to be a millionaire to do so… only love…

What are you going to do today to make this world a kinder place?

My name is Lies Helsloot and I call myself the first TAKE YOU TIME-Expert. I am the author of 2 health books (“Walk yourself slim & happy. How taking more steps can change your life” (English translation of the Dutch best-seller book coming soon spring 2022!) and “The Complete Guide to healthy Hair”), I blog here at takeyoutime.com and coach individual clients, groups and companies around the world towards a happy, healthy life and more work-life balance with my concept of TAKE YOU TIME. For more motivation and free trainings and challenges sign up for the newsletter on this site and follow me on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube


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