21 Days to Heal Your Hair: Introduction

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21 days to Heal Your hair: introductory video.

My name is Lies, author of this blog. I am an entrepreneur (founder of Delphin & Emerence), busy mom, hair lover and the author of the book “The complete guide to healthy hair. A 3-step programme to heal your hair.”

Having beautiful, shiny and healthy hair is such an important part of your image and well-being. Your hair is the crown you never take off. But like so many women I was struggling to keep my healthy hair. Ten years ago my hair problems started after giving birth to my beautiful daughter. Allthough I used to have beautiful, butt-long hair, my hair started to fall out, become very brittle, weak and dull. I wanted to find a cure to heal my hair and to restore it to its original beauty. I was able to create a 3-step programme that healed my own hair. It is absolutely shocking that so many women think they can’t do anything to change their hair. I want to help you to get your healthy hair back.

The video in this post is the introductory video to the free series. In the next 21days I will then give you some free tips on how you can heal your hair. I have divided the period into three 7-day segments:

– During the first 7 days we will look at what your hair is telling you about your health and your eating habits: what to eat for healthy hair.
– After that we will take 7 days to learn to “Take You Time” and how stress impacts healthy hair growth.
– To end I will give you 7 days of natural hair treatment tips.

So if you wanna shine that healthy head of hair then watch the upcoming 21 short video’s on how to get healthy hair. Subscribe to the youtube-channel here or follow this blog to not miss any of my free hair tips.

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