21 Days to Heal Your Hair: Day 4: Breakfast for healthy hair growth.

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21 days to Heal Your hair: day 4: Breakfast for healthy hair growth.



I am Lies Helsloot. I am not only blogging on this blog but also an entrepreneur, busy mom and the author of the upcoming book “The complete guide to healthy hair. A 3-step program to heal your hair.” Thank you for joining me on day 4 of “21 days to heal your hair”.

Today I would like you to have a look at your breakfast habits and why it is so important for healthy hair growth. Do you skip breakfast to end up famished half way through morning? Please don’t starve yourself. It is an absolute disaster for your health AND your hair.
First of all it is important to take time for breakfast: don’t stand up eating or eat in your car or on the way to work. I saw that in NY and London and this is not the way to start your day. It only makes you more stressed and stress is not what you need for healthy hair, since it can induce hair loss.
Breakfast is an anchoring point in my day. It keeps me fueled and ready for a busy day. I made it a habit to get up early to make that time, because I hate rushing in the morning, so getting up extra early gives me more peace and quiet to start in a zen way…

There are so many ways to include smart food for your hair in your breakfast menu. I for example love a few scoops of Greek yoghurt, rich in protein, fresh fruit and especially berries (vitamins!) and I love to top it of with a home made or store bought granola and make sure I sprinkle it with some ground flax seeds, chia and chopped nuts like almonds and walnuts (healthy fats and omega 3). Together with a large glas of water (hydration!)  and a cup of herbal tea or matcha (fytonutrients and anti-oxidants), this is the perfect start for one of my busy days.
If you have a smart breakfast tip for my audience that helps to “fuel” and stimulate hair growth, then shoot me an email and I will be happy to share it on my blog. Or post it in comments here below.

See you again tomorrow for day 5 in “21 days to heal your hair”, where we will talk about smart snacking for growing healthy hair.


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