21 Days to Heal Your Hair: Day 19: How to take care of your scalp for healthy hair.

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21 days to Heal Your hair: day 19: How to take care of your scalp for healthy hair.



Welcome and happy that you chose to watch another video full of hairtips. Thank you for joining me on day 19 of “21 days to heal your hair”.

Today I will explain to you that your scalp is the basis of your hair and that it is super important for growing healthy hair.

French, Parisian hairdresser René Furterer already knew that back in 1957 when he made the statement that “Beautiful hair grows on a healthy scalp, just like a plant grows best on fertile soil.”

It is indeed very important to take good care of your scalp to make sure that the hair follicles can grow in an optimal condition. A couple of my tips to help you do that:

  • brushing your hair every day is good for freeing the scalp from dirt and skin particles and to promote circulation: I will go into more detail on that in a next episode of this 21 day program (I am using hairbrushes from Delphin & Emerence)
  • massaging your scalp:put your elbows on the table and your head between your hands. Massage your scalp slowly and with round movements from neck to crown. When you do that you will feel your scalp move around your skull. Then finish of by pressing with your full hands onto the scalp. If you have a good salon, they will often also offer head massages. Soooo great for healthy hair and relxing.
  • Use essential oils, plant extracts and natural oils to feed and stimulate the follicles… for example brands like Rene Furterer and Phyto offer special products to heal your scalp. I use them regularly and especially before and after I have had my hair coloured or highlighted. The oils in those products nourish the scalp and hair and the essential oils stimulate micro-circulation and reduce inflammation both really beneficial for healthy hair growth.
  • Do not hurt your scalp with too much heat. Blowing hot air on your scalp, hurting it with styling tools, too much sun exposure, washing water that is too hot… these all hurt your scalp and the hair follicles. Not exactly what you need to grow healthy hair. Cut down on the use of those and limit immediate heat exposure to the scalp. When the sun is shining, then use a hat or an umbrella to protect your head.
  • Using metal or plastic brushes or combs that scratch your scalp. In stead use a good hairbrush optimally designed for healing your hair. Like for example Delphin & Emerence. More about that tomorrow.
  • Get daily exercise to promote blood circulation also will benefit the scalp: go for rosy cheeks
  • Go see a dermatologist if you notice that your scalp is irritated or flaking or shows small lesions. It might be a sign of exzema or psoriaris. Those have to be treate as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

See you in one of my other posts! Hope you enjoyed watching and reading this one!


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