21 Days to Heal Your Hair: Day 18: How to wash your hair: 5 Tips.


21 days to Heal Your hair: day 18: How to wash your hair: 5 Tips.


Hello everyone!

Hello my dear hairlovers!

Welcome back! Today is day 18 of  my free online program of “21 days to heal your hair”.

Washing your hair is an important part in your hair beauty routine. But there are some ground rules. In this video I share 5 tips for the perfect hair wash!

  • don’t use water that is too hot. This will dry out your hair and might damage the hair follicles.
  • If you can stand this: rinse off with cold water in the end. This will improve circulation.
  • When you apply shampoo or conditioner, take your time to massage it in. This will also improve circulation and make your hair grow better. It is also very relaxing.
  • Try to avoid combing your hair when it is wet, since it is then very prone to breakage. After washing and towel drying and if my hair needs it, I go through it only a couple of times with one of my detangling brushes from Delphin & Emerence. They don’t break of my hair while still getting out the last tangles.
  • Don’t overwash: 2 to 3 times a week are more then enough. The more you wash, the greasier your hair will get, because your hair will crave nutrition and so it will produce more sebum to protect it.

Thank you for watching and till a next post!

Big hug from Belgium,



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