21 Days to Heal Your Hair: Day 16: Massage for healthy hair.

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21 days to Heal Your hair: day 16: Massage for healthy hair.


Hello everyone!

Welcome back! Today is day 16 of  my free online program of “21 days to heal your hair”.

Today we talk massage! A daily massage of your scalp is very beneficial for good hair growth. Massaging improves circulation and this means that more oxygen rich blood is going to your hair follicles, making them strong to grow healthy hair.

You can massage and stimulate your scalp in a variety of ways:

  • massage oil into your hair
  • in the shower
  • brushing is also a form of massage (using a good hairbrush like from Delphin & Emerence)
  • yoga
  • have someone else do it: ask a loved one or your massage therapist to also work on your head

I will see you again in my next post when I will talk about the nourishing benefits of using oil.

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