21 Days to Heal Your Hair: Day 12: Headstand for healthy hair.

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21 days to Heal Your hair: day 12: Headstand for healthy hair.


Welcome on my blog! Thank you for joining me on day 12 of “21 days to heal your hair”.

Did you know that putting your feet up might be a good thing to grow your hair? Now I am not talking about putting your feet up after a long day to watch a movie. That is not what I mean with “putting your feet up”. When I say that it means it is time to see the world upside down and perform an exercise that brings you in an upside down position.

It can be so relaxing and energizing to do a yoga head position. Since I suffer from neck problems due to a whiplash accident, I cannot perform a head stand the usual way. I am also aware of the fact that not everyone can get into this position. I always use a special bench for it, called …”Feet-uP”. (Use Discount code TAKEYOUTIME to get a discount on their website: click here)

Standing on your head is a nice way to relax your body, get the blood flow running and look at your life from another angle. A welcome advantage is not only that after doing it you have cosy warm feet because of improved blood circulation but it also brings oxygen and nutrient rich blood to your scalp, helping to grow healthy hair. Do it at least once a day and don’t overdo it in the beginning. Start with 20 seconds and then gradually work-up to a minute or more. As long as you are feeling comfortable, you are doing fine.

Good circulation in your scalp is essential for healthy hair growth and it gives you a healthy rosy glow on your cheeks. What more does a girl want?

See you tomorrow on day 13 in this free program for my next tip to “heal your hair”.


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